YouTube musique 3.07 vous permet d’améliorer manuellement les recommandations, ajoute ani…

YouTube musique 3.07 vous permet d’améliorer manuellement les recommandations, ajoute ani…

YouTube Music 3.07 lets you manually improve recommendations, adds animated thumbnails on iOS [APK Insight]

YouTube musique 3.07 vous permet d’améliorer manuellement les recommandations, ajoute des vignettes animées sur iOS [APK Insight]
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  1. YouTube Music library management is absolute garbage. The base unit for music is a **Song**. **Songs** are arranged into **Albums**, which are performed by **Artists** (Artist > Album > Song). When you add music to your library, those songs should be able to be found by searching either through **Artists**, **Albums**, or **Songs** (or **Genre**, if you’re into that method of organization).


    As it currently stands in YouTube Music:

    * Adding a **Song** to your library is literally impossible.
    * Adding an **Album** to your library adds that album to a single list which is organized chronologically in the order that the album was added. It is *NOT* possible for that **album** to be found by first going to **My Library > Artists**.
    * Adding an **Artist** to your library (which I don’t believe makes sense in the context of library management unless the intent is to add every song by that artist to your library) is possible in the form of subscribing to that artist’s YouTube channel. This subscription shows up in your list of subscribed channels in YouTube. There is no circumstance in which this is desired or acceptable. Further, even if you have added some **Albums** by that **Artist** to your library, going to that **My Library > Artists** does *NOT* display which **Albums** by that artist are in your library.
    * Organization by **Genre** is literally impossible.


    I’ve been a Google Play Music subscriber since it was first released, and given the rumors I’ve heard that it is going to eventually be discontinued in favor of YouTube Music I’ve tried to test the waters to see what it’s like. Unless the library management is dramatically improved in YouTube music, I couldn’t imagine sticking with it if/when Google Play Music is discontinued.


    Also, this is a more minor point, but I have my YouTube history disabled because I was sick of their terrible recommendation algorithm, so I have a bright blue banner at the top of my YouTube Music app homescreen which can not be dismissed telling me to turn my history back on.

  2. I’ve had that « Improve your recommendations » thing for months now, so that’s not new. It’s pretty addicting to go down an endless rabbit hole of musicians.

  3. YouTube Music is the new Google Allo – a pointless venture that literally nobody asked for with a stupid name and (for some unfathomable reason) limited functionality that makes you think it time traveled to your phone from 2005.

    I’ve asked myself the question a hundred times, but I can’t stop wondering why the fuck can’t Google just commit? I mean, you already have an established brand of app names – Google Keep, Google Podcasts, Google Docs, Google Drive. And you already have a Google Play Music app that people had wanted you to polish for ages. WHY NOT WORK ON THAT INSTEAD?

    Why do you have to fork a new app from YouTube? It’s confusing as fuck, because most people associate YouTube with videos (and rightly so) and it doesn’t even fit into your own line of apps. The name is awful, the UI is even worse than the one in GPM, the functionality lacks even the GPM features.

    The moment GPM is gone I’ll be off to Spotify. I have no fucking idea what Google is doing here but I wish they could work on establishing an attention span superior to the one of a five year old when it comes to their products.

  4. If you don’t see this right away, force close the app and reopen. It appeared in the settings after that for me.

    Edit: Not sure how well this works… The « Your Mixtape » is still playing all of the songs it usually does.

  5. At this point we’re 3.5 years after YT Music release date, and Alphabet/Google would STILL be better off just changing the name of Google Play Music to YT Music and just rolling with that; because YTMusic is still that far behind. That’s absurd. Especially since they announced that YTMusic should be taking over for Google Play Music.

    All I can think is that the team at YTMusic is just woefully understaffed or unprepared.

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