Xperia 1 frappe pré-commande au Royaume-Uni pour £849 ; disponible fin mai

Xperia 1 frappe pré-commande au Royaume-Uni pour £849 ; disponible fin mai

Xperia 1 hits pre-order in UK for £849; available late-May

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

Xperia 1 hits pré-commande au Royaume-Uni pour £849 ; disponible fin mai

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  1. 21:9? Holy crap this phone is long. When I got my OnePlus 6 I almost returned it cause I thought was too awkward to use at 19:9. Maybe this an unpopular opinion but I think the main benefit of bigger phones is the screen real estate you get using them in landscape. Like with a bigger keyboard, two handed use, and more room to see what you’re doing. This will just make it a chore to use without a ton of benefit other than the pictures and videos you make because most content you watch is 16:9 (which is obvious on a OnePlus 6). So many functions are at the top and bottom of the phone that no one other than long fingers Jimmy will be able to pull this out and do anything one handed

  2. 1. Announce phone 3 months ahead

    2. Price it higer/same with brands much more powerful

    3. Release it when s10/other flagships are already 200$ cheaper, and yet much better

    4. Profit?

  3. Works out to be roughly the same price as the S10+ in Australia if we import it. If only it had a 4100mah battery like the S10+ then it would be a done deal for me..

  4. Sony’s most popular phone in Japan right now is the Xperia XZ3 which is less than half the price (415 euro). Here’s the top 15:

    1. Huawei Nova lite 3 (¥26,886)

    2. Huawei P20 lite (¥21,677)

    3. Xperia XZ3 (¥51,840)

    4. Aquos Sense2 (¥30,002)

    5. Zenfone Max Pro (¥31,838)

    6. Huawei Nova 3 (¥49,154)

    7. Aquos RS compact (¥80,390)

    8. Google Pixel 3 (¥95,000)

    9. Zenfone Live (¥16,461)

    10. Galaxy S9 (¥10,368)

    11. Huawei P20 pro (¥10,368)

    12. Xperia XZ1 (¥27,000)

    13. Huawei Mate 20 pro (¥94,390)

    14. iphone XR (¥90,000)

    15. iphone 8 (¥19,440)

    EDIT: Wow I was upvoted by a lot, then downvoted like crazy. Some weird people out there.

    EDIT 2: This list is from a Japanese shopping site.

    EDIT 3: /u/PeanutButterChicken – claims this list was made up but doesn’t want to know if it’s real. I get that there are Sony and iphone fanboys but these data are from a japanese site as you can see and are a combination of both contracted and carrier-free phones. No one is that stupid to believe that a Huawei P20 pro is only 10,368 yen outright.

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