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  1. These pics will land on pages such as « creepy unexplained photos » or « mysterious inexplicable photos » with her insisting that these people with the headsets and strange helmets were *not* there…

  2. Hey mods, are you out there? To get better every loop, I should want to watch it more than once, right? Better every loop should either be short and poignant so I want to watch it multiple times, or absolutely chock full of detail so there’s something new to see after several viewings. This doesn’t belong on this sub at all.

  3. First of all, I’m baffled that a real human can make it to adulthood and remain this incredibly fucking stupid.

    Second of all, I’m baffled at how irrelevant the posts are to this sub and how fast it’s gone to shit.

  4. I actually had to read the comments to realize she thought she was taking pictures. I still don’t understand how she thinks she’s taking pictures; she can’t even see the damn camera…

    If we as humans can be this stupid, we really *do* need a new plague.

  5. How is this woman so incomprehensibly unaware as to what she’s seeing? Dumb. This is pure, unable to think beyond the end of your nose dumb. No critical thinking. No logic. Just DOY DOY DOY PRETTY PICTURES.

  6. I worked in a bank a few years after the first Jurassic park movie came out. We were on break talking about movies and Jurassic park came up. There’s a new teller with us, about 25 years old. Middle of the conversation she contributes this “I really liked it but I can’t figure out how they made them do it”
    Me: Do what?
    Teller: all of it
    Teller: the dinosaurs, I don’t understand how they were able to teach them to do all that
    She was dead serious

  7. Isn’t she just in an augmented reality view, so she’s using the camera to show her what reality looks like within her augmented view, since the software will show close objects faithfully?

  8. Guys, many VR headsets that use your mobile come with a feature to enable the rear camera of the device so you can see what’s in front of you, albeit a limited field of view. Some apps within VR mode run like this all the time with a translucent app so you can still see the real world to help general awareness of your surroundings and prevent falls I guess?

  9. A school leaver started working in our office in the early 2000s and when asked to send a fax claimed it was t working properly due to the paper coming back out of the machine. 😂😂 Had to explain to her that the paper doesn’t actually send through the machine and that it’s just a copy. Dumb ass

  10. Amazon review, 1 ⭐️:
    “I bought this camera to take on my VR sightseeing tour, but the pictures all just looked like a bunch of people sitting in a room with goggles on their faces. What a piece or junk.”

  11. I can’t really tell the model, but isn’t there a front facing camera on the vive that activates when something is too close in front of you? Could it be that this person knew/discovered this, and are actually taking pictures of everyone else while they are in VR?

  12. On the one hand, this is very dumb, on the other hand, people who used a hood VR set know how immersive the experience is. Does she hold a camera in the VR world as well? If so, she’s only doing what feels natural. And looks stupid af :’)

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