11 réflexions au sujet de “What a jump”

  1. OP’s explanation:

    >The gif is better every loop because it is enjoyable to watch multiple times due to various reasons you can likely discern

    If you think this gif fits /r/BetterEveryLoop, upvote this comment. If you think it doesn’t, downvote it. If you’re not sure, leave it to others to decide.

  2. The monologue of a future supervillain:
    « So I finally decided to jump.

    « I had wrestled over the decision. I’d been torn. My evolutionary drive told me to preserve myself; I should trust nothing that didn’t have a stake in my genetic continuance.

    « But she was my mother. She said she would be there.

    « The broken vertebrae was a good life lesson: We are always alone. »

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