Vous êtes encore enracinement ?

Are you still rooting?

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues tous les jours de manière confortable ?

j’ai reçu hier mon romaric mi 9. Jusqu’à présent, j’ai l’amour au téléphone et en général je n’ai pas de problèmes graves avec miui puisque j’ai eu une note de redmi 5 depuis un an et j’ai commencé à vraiment l’aimer après v.10 est sorti.

Maintenant, cette fois, puisque camera2api works out of the box, que j’ai juste installé blokada, sideloaded gcam, restauré mon compte et les apps et je suis assez bien fait.

Je ne pense pas que je vais même pour déverrouiller le bootloader sur celui-ci.

Qu’en est-il, vous les gars ?

* edit : J’aime le fait qu’une question aussi importante que l’enracinement ne peut être réexaminée trop souvent sur cette sous-routine  🙂

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  1. I always do. Rooted my 3T with Magisk, and when I switched to iPhone I jailbroke it. I always want total control over what I buy, especially at the price of phones nowadays.

  2. Fuck yes.

    * Titanium Backup and Swift Backup

    * Viper (sound processing)

    * Afwall+ (whitelisting firewall)

    * Vanced (Youtube client with background playback and no ads)

    * Adaway (hosts file editor)

    * Ex Kernel Manager (with Sphinx kernel to get sd card compatibility and tone vibration motor down)

    * Greenify (battery saver)

    * a Magisk module to disable screenshot and camera sounds

    * Substratum (theme engine)

    * CF.Lumen (dims screen at night)

    * Fluid NG (gesture navigation, hides navigation bar)

    * Terminal Emulator (and a terminal command to get Oreo-style recents back on Android Pie)

    * Solid Explorer and Mixplorer (file managers)

    * Bottom Quick Settings

    * Jit Call Recorder

    * Official TWRP app (to keep recovery updated)

    * Custom Quick Settings (lets you run arbitrary commands from QS menu)

  3. Adblockers have been mentioned, but for me Viper audio effects are what keep me on the unlocked side of things. I also like the performance and UI improvements of custom ROMs, but I think I could live without them if I had to. Not without good sound quality, though.

  4. Yes, I still root just for Adaway. Also since my country’s economy is shit I’m always buying last year mid-range phone. For example a year ago I got a Redmi Note 4, I kept stock ROM for about 6 months I think and I flashed a custom ROM. And since MIUI 10 blocked camera2api, it’s a must for me to use a ROM that let’s me use gcam. I’ll probably get a new Redmi Note in about 2 more years so I guess it will be the Note 9-10? And I will probably root it anyway because I keep my phones for about 2-3 years and I believe I will have to change the ROM at some point so yes, I will keep rooting.

  5. I still root because of the control and convenience it gives. Titanium backup is a big one. It’s nice knowing that if my phone died, i can just restore app data to a new one. I changed my unlock and lock sounds to the menu sounds from Super Smash bros Melee. I never get tired of it and it always brings out a reaction from people who recognize it.

    By convenience, I mean that I will always have the option to achieve something if ever possible (if that even makes sense). I have the Oneplus 5T, and it’s known to have a dot issue on pictures taken by 3rd party camera apps. You can fix the issue with a simple magisk module. Because I had root, I can just install that module and be done with it. The recent FB messenger dark mode feature was available via a secret menu which you could enable through terminal and root. These aren’t major things that are ground breaking, but it’s the little things that make life easier, and it’s nice knowing that I have greater control over them.

  6. I have no reason to root my Galaxy S9+. Swift Installer and Substratum work without root, you can install custom fonts like Google Sans without root, there is a system-wide ad blocker for Samsung devices (AdHell 3) which doesn’t require root or a VPN, Good Lock has a lot of awesome customization that usually requires root on other devices, and I don’t want to lose Samsung Pay, Secure Folder, Samsung Health, and my warranty because of Knox.

    Also I have the US version which can’t be rooted anyway.

  7. I buy a phone just for the hardware and prefer having full control over the software, which means unlocking bootloader, flashing LineageOS and Magisk ; so yeah. I do root my phone.

    Greenify, Naptime, Blockada, Youtube Vanced, Viper4Android, Google Product Sans, etc are pretty much essential for me at this point of time, so is the obsession with everything being pure black and maximising screen area by hiding notifications and replacing navigation bar with gestures something which LineageOS and root assists with.

    With rooting and unlocking bootloader the possibilities are endless. I find Android to be very restrictive otherwise.

  8. LineageOS has spoiled me over the years, stock Android is too limiting in comparison. I could live without root, however I need Magisk to pass safetynet… so I basically have root regardless.

  9. Nope, last phone I rooted was the S3. When I got the HTC M7 android progressed enough to the point i did not see the point of rooting.

    Now with samsung phones and knox I dont need to root for anything.

    Edit- removed a word

  10. I always root my phones, mostly because of ViPER4Android, YouTube Vanced and Adaway. There are other apps, of course, and some ROMs even implement various ROM Control apps, which basically let me customise anything I want.

    By the way, OP, how do you like your Mi 9? How’s the battery? I’m considering that phone strongly but battery is my main doubt about it, alongside support for Magisk and custom ROMs.

  11. * My screen on time on default kernel is arround 6h30m for web browsing.
    * My screen on time on custom kernel is arround 9h30m for web browsing & watching youtube, same 4000mah bettery.
    * OEM OS cost 1.5GB of Ram out of 3GB, AOSP based custom rom cost 900MB. Mean more open apps without reloading.
    * I can backup app with the data when rooted.
    * Better loud speaker volume with Viper4android.
    * Greenify and SDMaid, YT Vanced, call recorder work better on rooted device.
    * Screenlocking in Nova are more clumsy without root.
    * Custom DNS without VPN is rooted only feature.
    * Clean and inject GPS assist for faster fixing is real on rooted.

    That’s a lots of benefits so I will still unlock, flash recovery/kernel/rom, root device for as long as possible.

  12. [Current apps I’m using right now that have SU functionalities.](https://i.imgur.com/8nvZN8m.png)

    Adaway – I don’t use ad supported apps anymore but there are website ads which browser’s built-in ad blocker can’t completely remove so still keeping it

    AFWall – Have fine-grained control on which apps can access which kind of networks (Wi-Fi, mobile, VPN, or TOR)

    App Ops – Much easier to use than LOS’s (or other LOS derived custom ROMs) Privacy Guard

    Battery Charge Limit – Limited charging levels to preserve battery life

    Devcheck – Check on phone’s status, sometimes use it to kill apps in the background

    FX – File manager to view or manually make changes to system files

    Kernel Adiutor – Adjust kernel parameters for battery/ performance, can easily switch profiles with home screen widget

    Substratum – Themes

    Terminal Emulator – Run scripts as root. I set up a few to change screen resolution/ aspect ratio quickly for some games

    USB Moutr – Use my phone as USB mass storage

    There’s also some Magisk modules that I’m using. One is replacing default emoji with Twemoji, and another one is ScreenCam for recording both screen and internal audio.

  13. of course i am, not one of the reasons i got into rooting has been adequately addressed

    fully uninstall, systemify, freeze, backup, export, or clone apps

    re-enable features and settings that carriers disable because they hate their users

    root browsers

    kernel adiutor to boost performance or save battery beyond what the manufacturer allows, along with configuring the low memory killer so the apps you want stay open and the ones you dont get closed

    app permissions. despite overhauls nothing about permissions has really changed, since apps can detect denied permissions and go on strike

    customization beyond the limited changes they allow

  14. I mean if you have the experience and the ease to do so why not. You

    Who wouldn’t want to disable extra unsused system apps and have adblock, magisk modules and access to custom ROMs if needed?

  15. Nope. Not even slightly tempted to root my Note 9, has way more customization options than I thought it would. I’ve avoided Samsung since the S3 but this device has won me over

  16. Yeah. It’s less necessary these days, as software has gotten better, but there are still reasons to root or ROM:

    – Customization to an extreme level

    – Add features you couldn’t get otherwise – such as, in my case, the dual speaker mod for the Oneplus 6T which gives it dual speakers by using the earpiece as a second speaker – sounds as loud as my Axon 7 with front facing speakers did, and audio is improved with Viper4Android. Modifications can affect things that non-root apps could never do by themselves.

    – Being able to completely uninstall system apps, even ‘hidden’ ones that you can’t disable through the normal menu

    – Titanium Backup was useful to batch move all my apps plus data to my new phone a month ago, so there was no downloading or installing anything – all my apps and their data were just there on my new phone, no re-setting up everything required

    – Custom ROMs very frequently have had features that didn’t make it to stock Android (or carrier variants) for a long time. For instance, tinting the display at night. Newer Android and iPhones do this natively now, but it was a CyanogenMod feature years ago, baked into the ROM. Cyanogen/LineageOS also had granular privacy control before stock Android. Night mode theme is something just now starting to barely come about in stock Android but systemwide theming has been a feature of custom ROMs and root programs for years (before Samsung or other OEMs introduced it even).

    – Custom ROMs also mean your phone gets updates even after being abandoned by official sources. This is probably the best reason to buy a phone that can be bootloader unlocked – in a few years, your phone likely WILL be abandoned in terms of software updates. A custom ROM can breathe new life into an older phone by giving features from newer versions of Android as well as important security updates. If your phone can’t be bootloader unlocked, as is the case with many phones, then you’re shit out of luck when updates stop happening.

  17. Yes, I often use VPNs to go to blocked websites so for ads can’t use a Blokada or similar. I have a few Tasker profiles to change some settings that require root, I also can grant secure setting access via root instead of using ADB.

    Edit: I bought my Pixel from Verizon so I did use it without root for 6 months until a workaround was found to unlock the bootloader, in those months I made peace with my first Android phone that couldn’t be rooted.

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