Vous avez tout lien affectif et la fidélité à une marque particulière…

Do you have any emotional connection and loyalty to a particular brand? Or a smartphone is only a tool, commodity for you?

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les blagues tous les jours de manière gréable ?

lors de l’obtention d’un nouveau téléphone, ce qui est important pour vous ? Vous regardez seulement la specsheet ? Ou le meilleur rapport qualité/prix ? Ou avez-vous acheter « inférieure » – selon les évaluateurs, pricepoint, fiche – téléphones de je ne sais pas, Sony, LG ou HTC, parce que vous aimez la marque et ce qui se trouve derrière elle (image, histoire, philosophie, etc.) ?

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  1. I love being able to write on the screen with the note. I quite liked windows phone and think they really missed an opportunity to do one with Nokia and one note when they brought them out. One note is a really good program compared to Samsung’s and if they had have tied it in well with a pen they would have been on a winner

  2. Sure. There have been phones I’ve loved, brands I’ve stuck with, and they’ve all let me down in one way or another.

    Gets even worse when you work with the companies who make them. Ye gods the politics. Has to be a death of the author kinda deal or I’d swear off smartphones altogether.

    There’s no such thing as a perfect phone, everything has its pluses and minuses, unique selling points that may or may not be right for or relevant to you. I’m just glad that we have so much choice and so much competition (market depending) that most folks can find a phone that they’re happy with which fits in their budget.

  3. I like OnePlus a lot despite their issues. Their version of Android is second to none imo. Great performance, great build quality, great software support, great screen, at a solid price. That said I’m not against using a different phone if it fits what I look for

  4. Samsung for me. More specifically, the Note series. I’ve been using it since the Note II and I don’t see myself switching any time soon unless I get a secondary phone which would most likely be an iPhone.

  5. No. But I tend to exclusively use specific brands because they do the tradeoffs I want.

    So for me: battery life > good mic & sound > build quality > unlockable BL > screen > performance > camera && price <= 250.

  6. I look at value which put me slightly into Xiaomi fanbase. They offer good deal. However recently more and more I look at other brands because Xiaomi decided to get rid of headphone jack on their main phone and I want top SoC for my next phone.

    My needs change a lot. Currently important for me headphone jack>unlockable bootloader>things like usb-c to hdmi>Battery>SoC. I dont care AT ALL about camera especially front one and Bluetooth. Wth how I use my phone these two things could stop working today and I wouldnt notice for next few months.

  7. I used to be the type of person that said « fuck brand loyalty ». But over the years, phone companies have become shittier and shittier… And now I bought another Samsung. Granted I loved my S7, but is this all there is to it? No other brand is even trying to top Samsung.

  8. Apple and HTC.

    I know you’ve heard this a million times but if they remade the HTC One M7 with none of the black bezel and with new specs (keeping the speakers!), I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

    That phone and my iPhone 6s have spoiled me. I’m stuck on this 6s because no one wants my money!

    The s10e is very nice and I almost bought it but the bootloader is locked down in the US.

    HTC screwed up big time. They will never recover.

  9. My first android was a Samsung, and I had nothing but trouble with it. My second was a Nexus 5 and that little handset had me fall in love with a pure Google experience. I now have a Pixel 2 and it is the best phone I have ever owned. Great screen, sturdy build, fantastic camera, never slows down, really decent battery life. If they hadn’t taken away the headphone port it would be the perfect phone.

  10. I like LG, as it is the only one which still cares about good audio. Despite their phones being « inferior ».

    Yes, they do have some QC issues even today. Yes, their performance is not the best in the world. Yes, their cameras are mostly average. And yes, they are one of the most hated phones. And of course, we shouldn’t forget the updates being late a year or so. And sure, design is not the most innovative.

    But… It was one of the first one to introduce wide angle camera, it is the only one that actually cares for wired audio nowadays with its Quad DAC which can replace DAPs sometimes (Vivo also has a quality DAC as well), it has some great innovations in 2019, like OLED speaker (screen is a speaker), 3D mapping face unlock and Ultra Bright Display.

    G7 is a fun phone. More fun than any other device.

    LG simply doesn’t deserve the hate it gets.

    And I think companies like Samsung, Huawei, Apple and OnePlus should follow LG in terms of audio innovations in phones instead of sacrificing audio for everything else.

  11. No, I have never stocked to a brand longer than 2 years.
    I went from iPhones, to LG phones to Samsung’s and if I find a phone that fits me I will buy it the brand doesn’t matter

  12. I have no brand loyalty. I’ll buy whatever is best at the price point I’m interested in. Applies to everything, not just smartphones. I have a fairly long list of deal-breakers, so it’s it’s easy for any particular brand to stop being an option for me.

  13. I sort of lean towards Samsung as they’re generally safe to go with but I’m open to other manufacturers. I’m not brand loyal anywhere else, interestingly.

  14. I’m loyal to Xiaomi since last year. Since their phones are a bargain, for what you get. Especially in the age of $1,000 phones. And the fact that you give you control with your stuff since you can unlock the bootloader. If you don’t like MIUI, and/or concerned about spying, you can flash a ROM.

    They don’t make it difficult to repair their device. Hell, they even have a video that shows you a how a Pocophone is disassembled. Most of their phones can be opened by only guitar pics and/or two screws. While some of their phones are glued shut (like the Mix 2S), you only need one minute under a heatgun, and you are in. Even though we don’t have removable batteries anymore. It’s no longer an issue since you can get phones that has 4,000mAh batteries on them, and when it’s time to replace, it only takes 10 minutes to do so.

    Other than that, it’s just another Android phone with Google Services. And I mainly a Google user (GMail, Keep, YouTube, etc). So I’ll take it.

    That’s what won me over to this company. If they decide to pull a Huawei or Apple. There’s OnePlus, Motorola, and Samsung that I can consider as an alternative.

  15. I’m pretty much loyal to Sony. I switched from the Z5 to the LG G5, then S8, iPhone X to see if it was better and just went back to the XZ3. I might give Sharp a try if Sony decides to call it quits but until then, I’ll get Sonys.

  16. The only brand I have some form of loyalty to is Sony. And even then, I’m not pleased with the direction they’re going for with these new phones they’re about to release.

    Having said that, I’ll buy into the brand/system that’s most convenient to me at the time of purchase. If that changes by the time of a new purchase I easily switch. Specially considering I’m not partial either to Android or iOS. Any attachment I form with any device comes after.

    Also, I’m not afraid of trying new/different things, even if they come at the cost of some features present in the established alternatives. My smartphone experience started with a Nokia 5800, after years of sticking to Sony Ericsson phones. I then moved to a Nokia N9 (MeeGo) and after that I spent four years on Windows Phone 8/10 Mobile. I was only « forced » into Android in 2016 with the Xperia Z5 Compact that I still use. And I don’t know what I’ll do after this. Android doesn’t impress me (that’s me being nice – I straight up don’t like it) and iOS is too expensive for me.

  17. My first smartphone was a Samsung Galaxy Young, a piece of crap. Got a S3 after that, then an S5 and then an Honor 6X. I regret that 6X because of the overall poor build quality. Now using an Galaxy A8 2018. No complaints for the past 4 months I have been using it.

  18. My first Android was HTC. I thought I was going to stick with HTC forever. Then I got a Samsung and swore loyalty to them. And next one was a Meizu which made me dead set on always buying Chinese « dark » phones. Now I got a Oneplus, go figure, lulz.

  19. I was brand loyal to BlackBerry for the longest time, and still loved the BB10 phones (the OS was excellent). I was disappointed when they moved to Android though, but it was more a limitation of the hardware than the software. Since then I’ve done LG and Huawei, and had good experiences with both. My current, a Mate 20 Pro, is such an outstanding phone in so many respects, and I run it with BlackBerry Hub+.

    For me, when I look at a phone, I look at aspects of it like the camera, screen, etc., and the value for money. I used to not worry about raw CPU performance, but I got burned (LOL) by the BB Prov on that, so now that’s a factor in my decision too.

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