Voici pourquoi la conception Galaxy plier est mieux que Mate X, selon Sams…

Voici pourquoi la conception Galaxy plier est mieux que Mate X, selon Sams…

Here’s why Galaxy Fold design is better than Mate X, according to Samsung executive

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Voici pourquoi Galaxy Fold design est mieux que Mate X, selon la direction de Samsung

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19 réflexions au sujet de “Voici pourquoi la conception Galaxy plier est mieux que Mate X, selon Sams…”

  1. Samsung:

    * Pros: Durability
    * Cons: Designed to be used unfolded 90% of the time–small second screen is really just an afterthought


    * Cons: Fragile
    * Pros: It looks better, clearly designed to be used both folded and unfolded

  2. also worth noting is that oled pixels deteriorate over time so this might cause mismatched brightness between two halves of mate x if you use it folded most of the time.

  3. >“You open it like a book. You close it like a book. It’s much more natural than doing it the other way around, so we went for that even though it presents the harder technical challenge,” Chung told the outlet.
    >The Samsung executive acknowledged that the Galaxy Fold doesn’t have a “perfect close” when shut, owing to concerns that the tablet screen would be damaged. But he noted that while an out-folding design like the Mate X can close fully, the fact that the screens are on the outside makes it prone to user errors (e.g. accidentally calling someone).
    >Chung also said the Mate X’s out-folding design makes it more likely that the screens would be damaged in a fall. This certainly sounds like an advantage for the Galaxy Fold, as the large screen is protected when folded (although you’ve still got the smaller smartphone screen on the outside). This could be an advantage for everyday wear and tear too, as the Galaxy Fold’s main screen isn’t directly exposed to your handbag, pocket, or bedside table.
    >The Samsung representative adds that an in-folding design also delivers better battery life. Chung says this is due to the smaller smartphone screen on the outside, reducing the need to activate the large screen. Then again, the nature of OLED screens means that the rest of the screen can be turned off when not in use, so out-folding devices should manage just fine.

  4. Of course a Samsung executive would make these arguments but honestly, I agree with basically every point. The Fold seems way more practical, even if it’s less sexy.

  5. Still prefer the Mate X fold and think that’s how foldable phones will be in the future.

    Yeah it’s easier to damage but C’mon… We already went from harder to damage phones to easily damageable smartphones. We’ll do it again with foldable phones until good flexible plastic/glass comes out.

  6. Even if tablets that fold like a book are better conceptually, the Galaxy Fold is the worse design. Too many cameras and cutouts and a shitty outside screen (I’d even prefer no screen).

  7. Samsung’s is a tablet you can chuck in your pocket. Most of the time on the train or something you have it open. If for some reason you need to check something. Write a quick reply or use say Spotify you can do all the from the screen.

    It’s not a phone replacement. It’s an iPad mini replacement.

  8. Hey if I got the money to buy a foldable first gen phone, I’m going mate X. If it lasts 2 years then awesome.

    I don’t want an ugly phone for durability. I know how to keep my things safe

  9. Samsung’s design is useless. It’s thick so people won’t use it as a phone. Plus there is the problem of the fugly second display. And if they want a tablet, they will buy an iPad or likewise for less which offers more. Huaweis’s design gives it functionality that other devices don’t offer. Its practical as a phone and you can simply roll it out if you need extra screen.

  10. Lol wow. This post is getting downvoted because Samsung’s durabile, well thought out version isn’t as flashy.

    No wonder this sub is totally fine with the lack of headphone jacks and constantly increasing prices. It just goes with « whatever is new and shiny » even more than Apple fans.

  11. I prefer the galaxy fold. The screens on the Huawei and Samsung are plastic. The Huawei will scratch so easily. Could be circumvented by a plastic film screen protector.

  12. The small outside screen is the thing that makes this desirable. What is the point in the X? It’s a tablet that folds out to a slightly larger tablet.

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