Voici ce que nous sommes entendu parler des Plans de Google pour les jeux

Voici ce que nous sommes entendu parler des Plans de Google pour les jeux

Here’s What We’re Hearing About Google’s Plans For Gaming

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les actualité chaque jours de manière gréable ?

ici, c’est ce que nous sommes entendu parler des Plans de Google pour les jeux

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  1. > One scenario that’s been described to us by three different people (each of whom either heard about it secondhand or directly from Google), for example, might look something like this: You’re watching your favorite Twitch streamer play a game and you think it looks cool, so you buy it, and then, if the developers of the game have toggled this feature, you can download a save file that starts you off right where your streamer was playing. 

    Absolutely zero companies are going to do this. They don’t want you skipping parts of their games and it’ll fuck with achievement systems. The only way this gets implemented in a major game is if Google pays them a lot of money, and it’ll never see implementation past that agreement.

  2. A lot of negativity in this subreddit but Google has nobody but themselves to blame for it with all the the half hearted efforts, duplicate services, and killed products. That said I’m hopeful this will pan out. If anyone has the capability to pull off a game streaming service right it’s Google. It’s just going to come down to focus and execution.

  3. I’m curious if it’ll be affordable. I honestly don’t want to invest full price for games in case Google ends up cancelling it. I’m hoping 60-80usd for the controller and below 35usd a month for Netflix of games. I’d be down if they ever closed the service that I get my license back for the games I buy on the platform to move to steam or something. If they’re going to make us buy each title.

  4. Just another failed spin of they will abandon. I believe that Alphabet will micromanage this into the ground, or otherwise find some way to fuck it up. Witness the shit ass legacy of devices. Hell, for that matter they have dozens of great software projects they threw into the garbage heap.

  5. It’ll be a weak try, cancelled 5 months in, but that’s fine since it’ll be US only, so I wont’t be able to use it for those 5 months anyway.
    Shame I’ll miss the new chat app too those 5 months.

  6. Google is coming across like an FMCG company. Releasing some limited edition/time bound products to keep grabbing consumer interest/eyeballs and then pulling the plug as per plans.

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