Vlad Savov sur Twitter : So Pixel 3 sans viseur de nuit (ce que le œil se…

Vlad Savov sur Twitter : So Pixel 3 sans viseur de nuit (ce que le œil se…

Vlad Savov on Twitter: So Pixel 3 without Night Sight (what the eye sees), Pixel 3 with Night Sight, P30 Pro full auto (the F kind of sorcery is this?)

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Vlad Savov sur Twitter : So Pixel 3 sans viseur de nuit (ce que le œil perçoit), 3 pixels avec vision nocturne, P30 Pro entièrement automatique (le genre de F de sorcellerie s’agit-il ?)

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  1. copied from my comment on r/googlepixel

    I hope google upgrades the sensor for the pixel 4, considering the pixel 3’s camera hardware and software upgrades were incremental, besides night sight, which came to all pixels officially in some form

    If they can get these results from a sensor used on budget phones, they can probably achieve some incredible things with a sensor of the caliber huawei uses

    edit: also props to huawei. They made an incredible cameraphone!

  2. Probably that new RYYB sensor at work.

    >The Huawei Pro 30 Pro, however, debuts a completely new sensor design. Instead of the red, green, green, blue (RGGB) Bayer Pattern filter array that we usually see over camera sensors, it uses a red, yellow, yellow, blue (RYYB) filter pattern.

    >Leica and Huawei opted for this design because yellow filters transmit a wider spectrum of light. As well as yellow, some green and red light pass through to the photoreceptor. In fact, the yellow filters transmit about 40% or more light.

    >This means that the P30 Pro’s sensor has a lot more information to work with. As a result, the camera has much better low-light performance. In fact, the results in very low light conditions are astonishing


    Very impressive camera sensor technology but it’s also impressive what Google was able to achieve with Night Sight using a standard RGGB sensor.

  3. That is insane what a smartphone can do now, check out the rest of the samples on this guy’s twitter, the pixel is grainy and unusable while the P30 pro is sharp and definitely usable from those conditions.

  4. I wish Samsung took camera’s as seriously as Hawaii and Google does. Its actually frustrating when you consider how expensive Samsung phones are.

  5. There’s four things holding me back from getting a Huawei flagship:

    * Screen. I know 1080p+ isn’t the end of the world, but coming from a Note 9 and considering getting the Mate 40 (or what they’ll call it in 2020) I think they’ll still either have inferior resolution (and screen quality) or at least inferior overall screen quality if they finally switch to QHD+
    * Storage expansion. Why the hell did Huawei ditch Micro SD for their own proprietary memory card? Come on, that’s stupid and nobody wanted that
    * EMUI. I know it’s gotten better and One UI isn’t perfect either, but judging from my mother’s phone (Mate 20 Lite) it’s still a few steps behind. Not a deal breaker, but a point to consider.
    * SoC. This isn’t even about horsepower or something like that (even though I want a phone with top performance), but custom ROM support. I loved playing around with custom ROMs and fondly remember endless nights of flashing, tuning and tweaking, and my Note 9 (and the HTC U11 before it) are/were the first phones that I kept 100% stock. But after warranty runs out, I’ll probably flash the hell out of my Note 9. But I’ll probably get a new phone at that point, so consider this only a small issue

    Overall Huawei is very much on my radar and I even recommended the Mate 20 Lite to my mother, but there are still a few things that keep me from it. Come on Huawei, improve these and I’ll give you a try!

  6. Phone cameras have started competing with each other again, and I couldn’t be happier. Between this, foldable displays, and getting fingerprint readers/cameras/sensors under the display, it’s nice to see a smartphone arms race again.

  7. Hopefully it’s not too late for Google to pump better hardware into the pixel 4. Of the main selling point has been « best camera » they need to make sure it’s still the best camera.

  8. P30 Pro also has the 50x zoom. It’s basically a fucking telescope. Shit is clear as well. It’s actually incredible.

    You gotta watch some videos to actually see how damn good it is.

  9. i thought the camera upgrades in 2018 were substantial. i was almost ready to buy a new phone.


    but no, i’ll wait again. although my price point is $400 max, all brands will get a camera upgrade if this is what they are competing with

  10. This is staggeringly good. Makes me want a P30 Pro even though I swore to never buy Huawei.

    Hopefully Google can best this with the pixel 4, if not, this will be cheaper by then. It’s currently $1599AUD

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