V4.2 Messages de Google prend désormais en charge les pièces jointes de tout type, ajoute vérifi…

V4.2 Messages de Google prend désormais en charge les pièces jointes de tout type, ajoute vérifi…

Google Messages v4.2 now supports attachments of any type, adds Verified SMS details [APK Teardown]

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les jokes chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Google Messages v4.2 maintenant prend en charge les pièces jointes de tout type, ajoute détails vérifié SMS [APK Teardown]
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  1. Interesting, I wonder how this could add spam vulnerabilities.

    Spamming out .BATs and payload .PDFs could be sketch. I wonder if Google’s Drive signature detection would be part of this (Virus Total comparable)

  2. I’m on Verizon. Is RCS compatible with iPhone MMS video attachments? When I get MMS video attachments from iPhone users, the video is pretty much unwatchable. They have to upload the video to the cloud and provide me a link or use Facebook Messenger.

  3. FFS Google get yer heads out of yer asses and just merge Allo with Google Messages while we wait for carriers to activate RCS. By relying on carriers for your app to work at 100% functionality, you are setting the app you to fail… So the usual Google way.

  4. Anyone have success with the web version? I can’t ever seem to get a desktop notification when I get a text. Would love for that to be a thing like pushbullet does.

  5. TXT, MMS, and now RCS needs to just die. There’s a ton of better ways to exchange messages and files over the internet. « Text messaging » is just a way for carriers to remain relevant. Just be dumb pipes already.

  6. Am I insane or did we lose the scrollbar on text conversations at some point during the last few updates!?

    I used to be able to scroll up and a scrollbar appeared on the left side of the screen. I could drag it and it would start displaying the months and allow to quickly scroll through 2+ years of texts in a single conversation. Now I have to spend 15 minutes trying to scroll to the beginning of the same long conversation. Why would they make this so hard? Is it just me?

  7. For the love of all that is good in the world, let me change the colours! The randomized colouring is the reason I refuse to use Google Messages. I don’t know how anyone does it, or why such a basic feature continues to fall by the wayside. (Here’s looking at you too, WhatsApp!)

    I’m not interested in any features of Messages until I can stop the randomized colours.

  8. Ok this is going to sound stupid but how the fuck do I download this? Everytime I try download from this APK site I click download and it just reloads the page and removes all versions minus the wearOS one (if available).

    What is wrong with it?

  9. Can anyone request Google to add a simple feature of deleting ~~specific SMS~~ multiple SMS’es when I talk to a single person? Like touch and hold to select multiple messages and batch delete the messages from a single chat thread

  10. Looks like I can minimize the app while in a conversation with the keyboard open, and it goes right back to that when I go back to the app. It used to go back to the list of all conversations on my Pixel 2 xl and S10.

  11. And yet over here, Telefonica doesn’t even support RCS, nevermind RCS-UP. In fact they had RCS and disabled it again, citing a lack of use. 🙁

  12. I have the Nexus 5x. 16Gb memory. Android 8.1

    Phone was becoming slower and slower. I realized that the messages app was growing bigger and bigger. Even without the cache memory, its size would be huge and this felt very odd.


    Why would the messages app be even bigger that Viber or WhatsApp?


    So I did a factory reset to my phone and didn’t update any app. Currently the Google messages app on my phone is 15,43 MB. The version is 2.5.212


    Works perfectly fine for SMS. Phone is running much better (I also didn’t update other google aps like phone, contacts, youtube, photos etc.).


    Phone is running smoothly. Do you think I am missing something or is there a security issue I could face?



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