Usure OS est dans un triste état

Usure OS est dans un triste état

Wear OS is in a Sad State

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les actualité chaque jours de manière gréable ?

porter des OS est dans un état de Sad

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  1. I have a galaxy watch that I got for a present. Never had interest in one, but now it feels weird if I don’t have it on. Pretty much use it just to track exercise and view notifications and calls without having to touch my phone.

  2. After years of thinking I wanted to buy a WearOS or Tizen watch I’m officially out of race. I hate to say it but Apple really took the smartwatch and ran with it making buying WearOS or Tizen just feels like a compromise on the quality and features I expect (Apple set my expectations very high) at this point. How did Google fail so bad in the wearables category??

  3. How much of this has to do with a corporate culture where employees want to « move up » or where it is easier to move sideways to other departments. If true, that could account for brain drain happening in different segments of the company, as a result Google products lose momentum. Contrast this with the focus seen by Samsung on the pen in the Note series, which Samsung showed great character in pushing relentlessly, in the face of much media ridicule, and wound up carving a niche, and even convincing Apple to abandon its anti-pen stance (which may have been weakened by the demise of Steve Jobs, who reportedly had pushed that anti-pen stance, smarting from the Apple Newton disaster).

    Conversely, Google may operate on the marketplace of ideas sense, and may deliberately cut projects that are not as successful out by having team members drift to other projects – once project reaches lack of popularity within Google ie cannot find employees willing to work on it, it may be then labelled as dead and worthy of removal. The problem with this approach is that the outside world may see Google-promoted ideas as half-thought out without backup commitment.

    EDIT: Google trend to only push early ideas and not follow through may hurt them in the credibility department, as fewer will take the hype on a new untested idea Google is pushing.


    EDIT 2: There is a very good thread on internal Google culture and it’s impact on product/API weaknesses:

  4. It was an absolute shambles from day one and now it’s completely dead. I have a Xiaomi wearable that does 90% of what any other smart wearable does for a tiny fraction of the price.

  5. If you want to buy a smartwatch for your android phone my recommendation is still the Gear S2. Nice oled screen, [still looks great]( and you can find it for like 80 bucks in new condition and does *everything* all the other android smartwatches do ~~(even has MST Samsung pay!)~~

    I’ve had a Moto 360, Moto 360 v2, Fossil Explorer gen 4 (€270, returned after a month, whilst a good smartwatch no way is it worth that price for the software experience you get). Then got a used new condition S2 and the user experience has just been more pleasant and it does everything basic that you’d like from a smartwatch. Nothing fancy but for the price, I don’t know. I just feel like its a really good buy for a lot of people who want something that works.

  6. After having several Android watches I ditched them recently and went to Fitbit. I don’t need apps, all I really want are notifications, some fitness tracking, and not having to recharge the damn thing daily. WAy happier with the Fitbit than I was anything else.

  7. Tizen and WearOS are pretty sad in general. I have a Gear S3 Frontier which looks nice but Tizen is pretty dead in terms of apps. Aside from the stock apps, I literally just have the NBA and Spotify app. Everything else is garbage on the store.

  8. My take is that wearables are failing because in real world use they’re just worse fitness trackers, with the exception of the Apple Watch which is a good fitness tracker that exchanges battery life for bells and whistles. If Google truly wants to compete in the wearables category their future should be headphones and ear buds, not watches. They dominate in speech recognition and tts, and Assistant is perfect for this.

  9. The exception of the terrible battery life and the odd stutter when waking up, I’m pretty happy with my Ticwatch as essentially an extension for my phone’s notifications

  10. This sucks. As someone becoming more and more peeved with Apple’s practices and general lack of that Jobs-esque Apple we once had, the only thing keeping me with an iPhone is my Apple Watch. I seriously want to try Android again with all the new devices out but man I get too much use out of this watch to lose it. I need something comparable on the Android side and this isn’t good news for that.

  11. Was at the hospital the other day. Almost everyone there has an Apple smartwatch. I asked a few people why, number one reason was notifications. Loved that they could just look down rather than take out phone. 2nd reason, track activity. I loved my moto 360 & making watch faces, but honestly – round with a flat bottom is just not optimal. Make it rectangular & I think it’ll find more takers.

  12. Once I heard the rumors of no wear os at IO, I gave up hope for a pixel watch. I had a LG Style and that experience was terrible, even after 2.0 update.

    I insta bought the Samsung Galaxy active(only $200) and this watch blows and « google » watch out of the water. It’s amazing how accurate gps, steps, sleep, and heart rate are. I get my notifications from my phone and that’s all I need.

    And don’t get me started with how terrible Google fit is. It sucks. Samsung health is an amazing app and I can doing everything in the app that I was doing in 2 others(mapmyrun and myfitesspal) but better and more efficient.

    Google dropped the ball on Wear OS.

  13. Lately I’ve been feeling frustrated. I bought a Fossil Sport and it’s honestly kind of a toss-up as far as how I like it compared to my original first-gen moto 360 which game out 4 years ago. This little progress in 4 years is ridiculous. At this point I’d honestly rather just buy an Apple watch if they’d let me use it on Android….


    BUT, that’s not to say I’m done with Wear OS or want google to just scrap the whole thing… What I want is for google to actually CARE about it. Invest in better software, better hardware. Give me a pixel watch!

  14. Hey does anyone remember when all summer and spring 2018 we were told WearOS was getting an overhaul and that Samsung should drop Tizen, blah blah blah?

    Then the Galaxy Watch and Tizen are better than ever while WearOS sucks.


  15. I’ve found for me smart watches are pointless, they’re just a oh, get you phone out of your pocket tool. For that i have a vibration and a ping from my phone.

  16. I think the new paradigm is that you have to build the hardware yourself to showcase whats possible and then the OEMs will follow. If you rely solely on OEMs to hype your software its a losing game.

    Look at Microsoft which relied heavily on OEMs for Windows. They then launched the Surface Line and it was after that the OEMs picked up the slack and started making devices that were competing with that line or being innovative. Before that most of the windows devices were just the generic run of the mill type of stuff theyd usually put out.

    The same problem has plagued with Android on Tablet and WearOS. Google has to make their own hardware and then watch the OEMs try to compete just like Chromebooks.

  17. I think Apple is also dropping the ball here, but for a different reason.

    Apple could make a killing and double its watch sales by allowing Android phone users to use Apple Watches. Obviously they would have to decide if they wanted the watch to be standalone, and just sync data and calls, or if they wanted to launch a supporting app like Samsung does, or what.

    Apple made the same mistake with their airpods, and Samsung gladly came in late and is offering platform agnostic galaxy buds. Airpods wouldve sold even better if they had better Android support (and no, the special BT chip isnt the reason)

    Apple shouldnt be limiting its accessories to only the Apple ecosystem, yes, some people would switch to Android because the watch is holding them to IOS, but far more Android users would buy an Apple Watch and dabble in the Apple accessory ecosystem if Apple supported it.

    Apple does make some great products, but they need to stop drinking their own koolaide and start looking at Android users as potential partial customers.

  18. It sure is. But it does exactly what I need it to do: it shows ALL of my notifications. The Galaxy watch doesn’t do that, for all of its superior tech (it’ll show a few for Twitter, for example, before saying « check your phone).

    Does the Apple Watch do that? In any case, it’ll be a sad day if they outright cancel Android Wear.

  19. This just shows how Google have no global vision or strategy in almost everything they get into.
    They’re a web company and still acting like such when making hardware/building a plateform.
    They just throw a bunch of things at the wall and see what sticks.

    Whereas Apple has a genuine vision for everything they get into. They might not be perfect, but when they get into a something, they go 100% for it because they know where they want to go.

  20. I knew there was no future in Android smart watches since the moment they focused on them having a round screen.

    It’s the first decision they had to make, something absolutely vital to everything else, and they picked the wrong shape.

    And it wasn’t the first time! Remember when Android tablets came in 16:9?

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