10 réflexions au sujet de “Une utilisation intelligente de l’espace avec cette épice rack”

  1. I just see the outlets and think it’s going to get annoying when using appliances.

    I just label all my spices in their own tins that are 1.5″ tall and cylinders. So they’re all labeled on top and in a spice drawer. Pull out the slim/small utility drawer and you can see all spices and grab them all.

    Or better yet if you don’t have a utility drawer like I do, just velcro your spices inside your cupboard doors with small tins. I did that in college with 3M tape.

    Go to amazon and get some metal spice tins with windows, and double sided peelaway tape and you can have a better rack than hers. Just velcro them inside the same cupboard with oil/flour/baking.

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