26 réflexions au sujet de “une tentative a été faite”

  1. I went to high school with the batter. Our highschool baseball coach taught us all to do this on a throw to third.

    Edit: unclear language. Our coach taught us as batters to do what Maile did in this gif.

  2. So…I get that the batter didn’t move cause it’s his space. And he did nothing to obstruct the throw. But…shouldn’t he get a walk or something? Dude just got beaned in the stomach in what seems like an exploitable albeit asshole tactic to get the batter to dive out of the way or condition him to be timid af. Granted it happens in a specific scenario but still.

  3. So what happens next? Does the batter get to walk? Does he get time to walk off being belted in the stomach by a baseball? Is he out? Does he have to act like nothing happened and he has to bat again ASAP?

    I am not familiar enough with baseball’s rules in this situation.

  4. Something led up to this, because almost all catchers have a fluid motion to step back and throw down to third (or they step up through the plate and throw in front of the batter). A batter can not get out of the way fast enough and would likely cause interference if they attempted to back up. Odds are there was a similar interference on the other team or some complaint about interfering that led to this petty act of revenge. And he definitely did it on purpose because if you were trying to avoid the batter, you wouldn’t have completed the throwing motion like that.

    I’m surprised the catcher did this because the guy batting is also a catcher. You’d expect a little professional courtesy.

  5. Similar thing happened to me in 7th grade.

    I was in the batter’s box when a teammate stole third base, after I watched the pitch the catcher (accidentally, since I don’t think anyone that young would be that malicious) threw the ball directly into my face. The impact ruptured my retina and I still have damaged vision from the scarring.

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