7 réflexions au sujet de “Un et”

  1. I have done this. Once while I was on vacation in key west, this local band at some bar I was at was pulling people onstage who could help them sing. I sang in a band at the time so I was not about to pass that up. Sang a few bars and everybody was like “ooh he Kelly Clarkson” (I love being on stage in front of drunk people). But before I could walk offstage the lead singer was like “not bad, now chug this beer ya sunnuvabitch”. After downing a pint of Guinness (with Jameson drizzled all over it, thanks guys) in well under two seconds the crowd went wild. And I’m not talking all cheers, either. I guess about half the room was pissed that I could sing ok AND tank a beer. So the lead singer senses a shift in interest and starts taking other chugging contestants. This was not a joke – there was a red digital clock on the wall and everything. Several people did their best but I couldn’t be out-drank. I managed to walk out of the bar, unscathed, with my GF at the time and her parents. One guy stopped me on the way and asked “hey, was that all an act or something?” I said …well I don’t remember what I said, frankly. It was almost ten years ago.

    I did this another time with Irish car bombs at a bar in Tennessee on a company training trip. My team was just awkwardly stunned (but kept getting more drinks to see it again). On the shuttle home, one of them told me that I would make a gay man very happy. The rest of the trip was pretty quiet after that.

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