28 réflexions au sujet de “Tué par Google – un hommage et un journal de bien-aimé produits et services…”

  1. Google Reader was the biggest loss. It was a really handy RSS/Atom feed aggregator. Still miss it these days and nothing comes close. Even Feedly (which is paid).

  2. I’m pissed about Inbox. I love it. And even though Google says theyve Incorporated Inboxes features into Gmail… They haven’t. The bulk sweep of emails isn’t there, and that’s what made Inbox great.

  3. Project Ara had such potential… I was all in as soon as Motorola announced it… I thought once Google bought Moto that this project would finally have the backing it needed to fully take of. Really was sad when it was killed 🙁

  4. I wonder if Google understands that they are killing their future products. People no longer expect Google to keep products around, so they don’t begin using them. If Gmail just came out I wouldn’t even try it.

    For example, I think [Flutter](https://flutter.dev) is a good alternative to React Native, but there is no way I’m going to use it because I assume it will be dead within two years.

  5. Google news and weather was superior to the current Google news. The local weather was immediately available and the graphical representation was intuitive. The local news for wherever you were was automatically updated. The headlines were condensed making it easy to gather everything quickly.
    Google news still feels big and clunky and it takes effort to get the same information as before.

    I still get nostalgic thinking about my iGoogle home page! I tried replacements but they weren’t the same.

  6. I’m really disappointed that they killed Google Allo. It quickly became my favorite chat app. And I really don’t care that they’re « incorporating aspects of it into messages » because I do not use messages for chatting with people. I find that incredibly annoying and I prefer to use a separate chat app for casual messaging. So now I’m relegated to using Whatsapp which is so basic in comparison to Allo, I feel like I’ve gone backwards in time.

    Fucking bullshit.

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