44 réflexions au sujet de “Trouvez un ami, vous pouvez être stupide avec”

  1. They’re also multidirectional poop cannons.

    Also, please don’t get birds unless you can put in a lot of social time into their lives. They need way more mental stimulation than dogs and just as much attention as 2 year old human kids.

  2. Man… Made me miss my African Grey (he passed after my parents owning him for like 36 years but he was older than that, they got him from someone else).

    I would Bob my head up and down and dance poorly and he would mimick me. He would say « wanna a peanut » and whistle [this song](https://youtu.be/vb19d08Lnec) and yell « charge! » At the end.

    Good memories…

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