The bloat on a new Samsung Galaxy phone is phenomenal

The bloat on a new Samsung Galaxy phone is phenomenal

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

I bought a Samsung A 30 for my father to replace his ageing moto G. It came with the latest Android Pie and Samsung One UI.

Samsung has a reputation for bloating the phone, but this was just next level.

I really wish I had documented everything better with screenshots because it just blew my mind how blatant the promotion and marketing push was during the initial setup. If it was my father and not me setting this phone up I am sure the amount of spam he would receive daily would flood his notification and lockscreen completely. There are loads of apps installed, samsung’s own and 3rd party, which are either redundant or just present to mine data or push ads. Most of them can be uninstalled, disabled or opted out of. But there are at least 2 which can’t be disabled and will keep nagging you regulalrly. One is lockscreen stories and another is Samsung widget. Notification for them can’t be disabled and they will show up in the notifications to pester you to enable them. Also to disable Samsung pay mini’s persistent home shortcut swipe which is enabled by default you have to first give it contact and phone permission. There were many other things which I had to enable, disable, uninstall. All in all around a couple hours of intense screen tapping and swiping.

I have been happy using Samsung phones since the Galaxy S2. Currently I have the S7 and am very satisified with it. Yes they came with bloat but it was never this much. I can’t even recommend these phones to someone else now, because I am sure they will be blasted with spam.
I don’t know if the current top of the line S or Note series suffers from the same amount of bloat or this is how Samsung is subsidizing the mid range phones.

I am planning to buy a new phone this year and would have bought the latest samsung Galaxy S or note series. But now I have to seriously consider if I should go for some other brand.

My wife’s One plus 6 came bloat free and runs just as well as a Galaxy.

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  1. You can disable all bloat apps manually or download a paid app in the Play Store that disables system bloat. I agree that Samsung can get a little out of hand with the bloatware but I disabled the stuff I didn’t like on my s9 and its been okay

  2. You are flat out wrong.

    The S7 had far more bloat than this phone.

    I have a VErizon S10e and I only had to disable or uninstall about 6 apps. They wouldn’t affect any normal user.

    I also flashed it to the U1 firmware and that actually had MORE bloatware, I can’t uninstall Facebook etc., but I can use ADB commands to make sure to get rid of all of it — uninstalled the system packages I don’t want.

    You are really complaining about something that isn’t true.

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