Téléphone rasoir 2 est de 300 $ au large !

Téléphone rasoir 2 est de 300 $ au large !

Razor Phone 2 is $300 off!

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les news tous les jours de manière confortable ?

razor Phone 2 est de 300 $ au large !

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  1. My buddy got this phone for something like $799 near launch and I just feel bad. Company laid off employees and the price has almost been cut in half in just 4 months. It’s a great media device with a screen that makes me envious, but it’s definitely one to wait a little longer for if you’re interested.

  2. Nice, but while a gaming phone would be cool, it seems these devices aren’t well rounded. Mediocre to poor camera performance is a pass for me.

  3. If this phone is like other Razer products, then it will be a great phone for a few months, maybe a year. Then it just suddenly stops working. Wouldn’t give even $200 for this.

    Razer is simply the worst brand I have *ever* encountered when it comes to durability, and I have owned 7-9 of their gaming products. It’s a pity, because they’re really good when they just work.

  4. Apparently you can also get 10% cash back using EBates…

    I won’t post my referral link but if anyone is interested, send me a PM. I think you get a $10 bonus on top of the cash back for your first purchase.

  5. No removable battery or water resistance? Isnt it usually a trade off, one or the other?

    Also no headphone jack, or IR blaster, no thanks!

  6. Gets smashed by an iPhone Xr bte

    >The A12 Bionic enjoys such a massive performance advantage at this point that we don’t expect anything to supersede it until next year’s A13 releases. The performance is especially comical on the iPhone XR as it has a lower resolution display, which causes the on-screen graphics test results to top the charts even in the most demanding tests -gsmarena

    In gfx 3.1 Manhattan, the a12 manages 98fps at 1080p where the 855 manages 68 and the 845 manages 60. The a12 is more than 40% faster than the 845. I love Android, but let’s not skew facts

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