Téléphone Designer sur Twitter : « la crainte révérencielle. Il est temps pour les appareils plus petits. …

Téléphone Designer sur Twitter : « la crainte révérencielle. Il est temps pour les appareils plus petits. …

Phone Designer on Twitter: « Awe. It’s about time for smaller devices. What do you think?… « 

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière confortable ?

téléphone Designer sur Twitter : « la crainte révérencielle. Il est temps pour les appareils plus petits. Qu’en penses-tu ?… « 

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  1. Sony has been doing that since years (releasing a smaller version of their flagship model of Xperia with same hardware), but apparently no one buys an Xperia anymore.

  2. I remember when all of my friends thought a 4.3″ screen was ridiculous. Now they probably all have 6″ phone screens.

    I also remember when the 5″ Dell Streak came out. All the tech reporters thought it was nuts.

  3. Is this even a question?

    But just for the record, the answer: **Heck Yes!**

    But not a behemoth being labelled as ‘small’ / ‘compact’ due to other giagantors being around. A nice xz1 compact-esque phone with even upper midrange specs will do nicely.


    My ideal 2020 phone would be an AMOLED full screen phone with the footprint of the iPhone SE, midrange Snapdragon CPU, 6GB RAM, hefty battery performance by and a solid camera with OIS. Hit the $350 price point and you have a world-beater on your hands.

  5. I moved from a Note 9 to the S10E and absolutely love my decision. The E with its 5.8″ screen is still large enough but is very pocketable and light enough where I get zero hand/finger fatigue when using my phone in n bed.

  6. absolutely.

    i’ve always tended to chose smaller devices, from the start of the « phablet » trend, which had rather huge bezels compared to todays phones. but instead of just filling those phones with more screen, we got larger and larger and larger screens, so now it feels 6 inches is the new normal.

    after much thought and hearing many people say you won’t notice the larger screen after a chort while, i finally got a 5,8″ s8, and even after months i would prefer it to be just a little bit shorter. around five inches would be ideal, because it would still be an awesome, sexy device without feeling cramped, but i wouldn’t have any problem with reaching those stupid menu and back-buttons on the top left, the uncomfortable pull- and double-pull-down of the notifictions, or sometimes even the « a » on the WASD keyboard layout.

    so it would be the same excellent phone, only decidedly more usable. one-handed-mode is a workaround at best, but to call it a solution would be crazy.

    so yeah… gone are the days where i was happy with a 4″ vga screen, but there should still be a (much) more populated market in the ~5″ sector.


  7. I always wanted a Nexus 4 ish sized phone but with modern specs and a near bezel-less front (so basically just a shorter Pixel 3 with less top/bottom bezel and maybe a little less wide). So if Google could get on that form factor in the future that’d be awesome. I just don’t need or want manufacturers to reduce bezels but increase the overall footprint of the phone otherwise to me it really defeats the purpose. Phones have gotten far to wide and tall to be ergonomic enough for real one hand use. The point should be to fit the phone in the hand easily/comfortably and easy to use with one hand. The reduction of bezels provides the largest screen for that form factor and that is awesome; make it and sell it manufacturers please. Phablets can still be phablets but please return smart phones to their rightful size. At least give us some reasonable options. All we have now (in the Android space) is the Xperia Compact when Sony feels like making one in any given year.

  8. I mean I always see people on Reddit wanting a smaller phone but that seems like the very small minority. Personally for me the bigger the better. I wouldn’t mind if my note 9 was even a little bit bigger.

  9. I still enjoy using small phones, so it warms my heart when companies make a smaller variant of their flagship with little to no compromises. The s10e might be my next purchase sometime later this year.. or the Pixel³ Lite (if the rumors are true.)

  10. Yes, I would love to go back to the era where I constantly pressed the wrong button trying to navigate a screen that was twice the size of my thumb. /s

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