27 réflexions au sujet de “Télégramme 5.5 sorti : unsend messages et recherche autocollant, emoji, voic…”

  1. Tldr:

    • Delete any message on both ends in any private chat, anytime.

    • Control whether your messages link back to your account when forwarded.

    • Control who may see your profile picture.

    • Use search in Settings to find options and get suggestions from the FAQ.

    • Search for Emoji, GIFs and Stickers in the redesigned panel.

    • Get emoji suggestions for the first word you type in a message.

    • Enjoy enlarged emoji in messages containing only emoji.

    • Help Telegram improve emoji suggestions in your language using this interface https://translations.telegram.org/en/emoji

    • Watch GIFs and video messages without waiting for them to fully download.

    • Search for individual stickers using words (based on the relevant emoji).

    • Choose whether you’d like to receive notifications for all accounts when using multiple accounts.

    • Rotate the screen to switch to full-screen mode when watching an autoplaying video with sound.

    • Access every corner of the app using TalkBack.

    • Enjoy improved call quality.

    PS: this is how you do an update log people

  2. I’m using Telegram X. I’m really interested in the emoji thing change. Am I going to have it with Telegram X? I never understood if the apps were totally separate.

  3. This is actually huge and a great step for extra privacy from Telegram.
    The fact that you can perma delete chats from their servers and the other person along with anyones messages in a chat is a pretty big deal imo.

  4. Awesome, updates introducing functions are always welcome.

    How about introducing some folder / grouping features that lets me manage my over 50 telegram groups?

  5. So as I’m understanding it, if you send messages in *any* one to one chat, either user can delete the messages from both phones? Because that sounds ripe for abuse.. I can definitely understand doing that in secret chat, but imagine having a conversation with a person and then at some point they make threats on your life or family or something. It happens, and it’s not uncommon. Now imagine that person being able to delete all the abusive or threatening messages they sent, making it appear as if they’ve done nothing.

    That’s fucked up. I understand that this move was done in the name of privacy but it should **really** be limited only to secret chats.

  6. I see the argument… It’s just not possible to do.

    What’s to stop me running another app, TelegramChatLogBackup, at all times? Yay simply watches and copies the chart logs directory?

    In some ways that means this feature is worse than no feature… It’s claiming a result that cannot be guaranteed. One party sleeps easy, unaware that what they’ve actually done is highlight all the embarrassing messages for the other party.

    I would rather, if they care about privacy so much, have had end to end encryption. This nonsense about it not being possible because the messages are stored server side is rubbish. Just store the encrypted message and give me a way to sync the key (via a qr code would be nice) between two of my devices. Enable key expiry so I can change it in the future. Job done. Syncable messages that only I can read.

    Next… Enable a way of registering without needing a phone number. A verified email would be fine as an alternative.

    Ideally, in fact, key exchange via identity based encryption techniques would finish things off nicely. That would let my client automatically generate the public key for anyone I talk to without any need for a key server having a copy of every single key and plain text directory of identities.

    I like telegram, but they seem to be working on all the features I don’t give a shit about…I mean how much more sticker/emoji bollocks do people actually need? They do need better security though, whether they realise it or not. Please start moving towards making a protocol and app that keeps my mum’s chats secure without her needing a training session on cryptography. Perfectly possible for guys as bright as them.

  7. For me deleting chats ob my personal device is an absolute anti feature!

    Once it’s on my device the data belongs to me, heck I wouldn’t want anyone to be able to delete my mail inbox, neither do I want someone to be able to delete whole conversations with me

  8. They fixed the missing profile picture bug… YAAAAAAAAY

    Edit: nevermind, the bug is still there. My profile picture won’t show up in quick replies 😭 what makes me mad is it actually works in Telegram X, why doesn’t it work in the normal version?!

  9. While the new features are rather minimal, what’s there is still important. The first thing that caught my eye was the unlimited unsend feature, but it’s exclusive to private chats. It allows you to take back any message you’ve sent or even ones that you’ve received, or you can just wipe out the whole chat altogether with a couple of taps. There is no time limit on this feature.

  10. Does the Windows client have spellcheck yet, or are the devs still morally opposed to implementing it? Yes, I know there are other Windows apps that work (I eventually switched to one), but it’s ridiculous that they refuse to implement spellcheck in the official client.

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