Tablettes Android avec SD855 ?

Android tablets with SD855?

cette semaine Apple a lancé la nouvelle mini iPad et le nouveau Air des nouveaux processeurs A12 (trouvés dans les nouveaux iPhones, équivalents à la SD855), les écrans haute Res et le soutien de crayon avec un prix de 399 $ et 499 $($ acheter 25 de Costco et meilleur rabais).

Maintenant, ma question est, pourquoi Android OEM ne dégagent-ils comprimés avec des processeurs haut de gamme actuels, écrans haute résolution et stylet soutien à ces niveaux de prix. Le Galaxy Tab S4 a été libéré à la fin de 2018 avec fiche de début 2017 au lieu de porter un SD845 et à un prix de 599 $ au lancement (100$ de rabais sur l’iPad pro 2018) Pourquoi sont Android OEM pas détenus au même standards comme Apple qui a aussi logiciel durable mieux soutenir o n tous leurs produits.

J’aimerais acheter un Android tablet avec des spécifications et des prix similaires.

Que pensez vous de tous ?

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  1. I would love to get something like sd8xx soc 6gb or more ram and lots of storage space with expansion capability.
    All that with android one with long software upgrades and i would be buying one soon as it hits the market.

  2. I’d say wait for the next Samsung event. At that point there will at least be 2 premium Android devices released. The Huawei M6, and the Tab S5.

    The Huawei M6 Pro version will carry the same chipset as the P30, based on their history. The S5 is another matter though and I’d expect it running 845, but hoping for 855.

    The catch here is that before Samsung’s next event, we have another event where a 3rd premium tablet MIGHT make an appearance. There’s no rumors about this, and this is just MY speculation. Google copied Samsung’s DeX for Android Q with a desktop mode people have seen on the Q beta. There’s also some rearrangements going on in the Google laptop/tablet departments. So I am hoping of the possibility of a Pixel tablet with a desktop mode when connected to a dock much like how the S4 does it.

  3. Totally agree with you. We definitely need a flagship grade of a tablet in android, because you can do so much on an android than iOS, which has so many restrictions.
    Because there was no good tablets available, I was looking to buy Mi Pad 4 Plus, but since then Samsung has also announced S5e which looks promising. But now i am looking forward to the Samsung S5, which on papers should be best available for Android. Hoping for it to launch soon.

  4. I use my iPad Pro to browse reddit, play occasional game, watch Netflix, and chat with friends. SD660 could do this without any issue.

    However, I need long battery life, plenty of RAM to multi-task, and gorgeous screen. iPad is the only one which satisfies all my requirements. Plus, updates come on time, and the resale value is insane.

    It’s interesting that my phone is Pixel, and my tablet is iPad :D. Yes, I buy the games I play twice 😀

  5. Not that I know of.

    The tablets I currently have are an a Galaxy tab S2 Nvidia shield K1, and a Lenovo yogapad 3 (10″). I can’t stand the K1 because it lags like crazy. The sd6xx in the Lenovo is obviously strained for anything other than media streaming.

    But the tab S2 keeps up with anything I need. I don’t know what the exynos in it from 4 years ago is able to do better, but it works.

    That being said, I don’t see what is necessary about the sd855. Having used flagship phones each year (sometimes multiple) for the past few years, aside from photo processing, the experience of using the sd821 (pixel), sd835 (pixel 2 xl, Galaxy S8), sd845 (LG V35, Note 9), and sd855 (S10e), it all feels the same from a processing standpoint.

  6. Android tablets are not as streamlined as the iPad but nowhere near as useful as a Windows device. The cheap tablet niche was filled with chromebooks, Android tablets have no place anymore apart from maybe watching YouTube or browsing mobile web on a bigger display.

  7. I’m dreading the day when my Pixel C keels over.

    I vowed never to go back to Apple after they left me high and dry on the ipad 1 and dropped updates real quick.

    I have access to a macbook but it just frustrates the hell out of me.

  8. i dont have an answer to your actual question, i’m not aware or any android tablet with a somewhat high-end chip (maybe check samsung current offerings? i believe there is a 8 inch one they have thats pretty high-end, but also pretty expensive, just like ipads)

    i just want to throw in that i bought a lenovo tab 4 8 i couple months ago. you gotta be careful because there is a version with a similar name that has mediatek, but the tab4 8 has a snapdragon 425. its not high-end obviously, but its a pretty good tablet i’d say, its pretty snappy in every-day use and even gaming works fine with it, and games dont run too shabby. screen resolution is pretty low but it gets the job done.

    and its only like 150 bucks or so, so the shortcomings are, like, i guess, justified? it does have 2 front-firing speakers though which is dope.

    overall… if you want a high-end tablet, just get an ipad. its worth it.

  9. I looked at android tablets for my Ipad Air replacement. Definitely agree the hardware is subpar on android tablets when it comes to the cpu and gpu. Going to wait until black Friday and probably get the new mini. I think most apple products are very overpriced which is why i don’t use them but their Ipads(not the pro) are priced pretty damn fair for what you get.

  10. most likely something to do with qualcomm pricing their socs… if u want current gen soc and other great specs, expect to pay 800+; but at that price and android, it’s just not worth it for a tablet and oems know it…

    keeping an eye on the samsung s5e. looks promising at a reasonable price.

    sd 670, 4ram/64rom, ‘best amoled display’ quad speakers, supposedly to be release at $399 early april US

    i wonder if samsung will go for a [5e/5/5pro – 400/650/750] setup at some point..

  11. Even if the hardware was there Android has never been a great experience in a tablet form factor so it’d have to be a lot cheaper than the equivalent iPad in order to sell. But modern iPads are actually decent value so there’s not enough fat to really cut even on Chinese market stuff (the Xiaomi mipad is like a whole $50 cheaper than an iPad these days and dramatically crappier. gg guys).

  12. Since Apple started the whole tablet thing , they have had allot of time to perfectionate the iPad and since the prices for ipads dropped allot with a 400 dollar price tag for what is a iPhone XS with a larger screen.

    iOS has also become allot more tablet friendly and generally Android doesnt know how to deal with a tablet that good.

    Samsung is trying to make a competitor to the iPad but the sales are showing that they are not winning.

    Thats how i see it

  13. The tablet is like the one product everyone agrees that ipads are pretty much king. Lack of good software support and lack of consumer/profit for these android tablet makers means even samsung could care less about them

  14. Still rocking my Z3 tablet compact that I bought 4 years ago. Snap 801, 3GB of RAM and stereo speakers are still enough for media comsumption and general use. And it’s freaking slim and lightweight.

  15. I still use my Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with Sd800 daily. For my usage it doesn’t lag at all. I mainly watch YouTube and browse the internet on it so it really doesn’t matter what CPU it’s equipped with. But if there is no new Android tablet with more powerful chips at reasonable price then an entry level iPad is an easy choice.

  16. There is some really great tablets out there. Nobody mention mi pad 4?? So cheap and it runs pubg with no issues. Why you guys need faster hardware than this? Seems like this is more about benchmark numbers than usability every time I see Android tablets mentioned in this sub… I have a hard time believing people who are complaining actually used one of the better Android tablets…

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