15 réflexions au sujet de “Sweet revenge”

  1. I actually experienced a lot of this in Japan, where the women would barge their way through men. In busy, enclosed areas such as train stations if you walked in the path of another man they would make an effort to step around you, as you would too but when the same thing would happen with women more often than not they’d brace for impact and speed up. At first I thought it was just me being useless at stepping around people but my friends reported the same

  2. Devil’s advocate here: we can’t hear anything. For all we know they both might have not noticed each other until too late. Then she may have apologized as she went through. It also looks like he’s going through it the wrong direction. Either way, not the appropriate response.

  3. When it comes to modes of transport on timers (i.e. a train, on a schedule, with doors closing) the etiquette is as follows: priority should be given to the person about to commence their travel, and whom must board the mode of conveyance, over the person ending their travel, and de-boarding the time-sensitive mode of transport.

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