Sur cette fuite de Pixel 4… | Dave Lee

Sur cette fuite de Pixel 4… | Dave Lee

About That Pixel 4 Leak… | Dave Lee

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

sur cette fuite de Pixel 4… | Dave Lee

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  1. Nobody’s talking about how the leak would require the XL variant to have 4 camera modules (2 back-to-back) in approximately the same position. I doubt that would be possible in something as thin as a phone.

  2. Nails it on the head with the hype for Pixel every year.

    Every year we’ve hoped for a huge leap in hardware from Google to get competitive with everyone else and every year we get let down. That’s why there are so many people that cling to the Pixel Ultra rumors every year.

    Rumor was that the Pixel 4 is the first phone made completely by the new design team so if the pixel ever had a chance at premium hardware it’s this year.

  3. Sad thing is that even *if* Google goes duel cameras on the back,that would still be old news. Wide angel, Tele, and standard is just such a functionally useful thing to have for people who care and know enough to. For those who are the « average » consumer why buy an Android phone that has one less camera compared to everything else that is out?

  4. Hope the Verizon exclusive in the US has finally ended and Google has the Pixel being sold on other carriers.

    I buy my phones unlocked but in the US many do not. Get go to their carrier and get their phone.

  5. I want to believe.


    But I suspect google see it as an appliance, not aspirational or leading edge hardware. People within the teams making it may want that – but remember the camera became so damned good because it’s *software*. I don’t think the big G care like Apple do about hardware.

  6. They need to get their hardware shit together.

    I get their camera software is great. But their battery life suck and they had lag issues. Their hardware fit and finish is lack luster. The price they’re asking for with such subpar hardware is not going to cut it anymore. I’m not asking them to be as good as Samsung in hardware but at least be at where OnePlus is at.

  7. We all know the biggest selling point for Pixels is their software, but when you have a premium priced item that relies almost solely on software their issues are a bigger ding against them. Just go to the Pixel reddit and you can see a bunch of issues regarding software and hardware, and most of those issues aren’t acknowledged by Google.

  8. I’m hoping this is the year because I have sat out of each iteration of the Pixel line due to the lacking quality of hardware. Hardware is the curb appeal of the phone, like it or not. If you’re going to sell phones at flagship prices, they better have flagship quality hardware.

    Edited for clarity

  9. I don’t mind lesser hardware if it means software is banging… But from what we’ve experience with pixels, we are beta testers for the latest and greatest Android… The overall physical design of the pixels is just plain lazy and following trends… If it wasn’t for the camera, I would have left pixel since the 2… I hope, but we all know what’ll happen, that Google step up their deisgn game!!!!

  10. Please don’t get rid of the back fingerprint sensor… It’s so damn nice. I use it all the time to bring down the notification shade, and it’s nice unlocking the phone before it even reaches my view.

  11. He said what every non-pixel fanboy already knows.

    Pixel phones have the best camera, some of the best software, but garbage hardware especially given the high end flagship prices.

    OnePlus has been called « the real Nexus successor » for a reason

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