Supprimé en fonctions depuis la mise à jour de la tarte et l’état de Samsung tech s…

Removed features since the Pie update, and the state of Samsung tech support.

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

j’ai récemment contacté Samsung parce que j’ai remarqué que ma Note 9 manquait une fonctionnalité qui a toujours été disponible. Support technique confirmé que Pie roulé en arrière la possibilité de désactiver le capteur de proximité lors d’appels (l’écran quand conditionné à votre oreille de gradation). Quoique pas une caractéristique très importante, je ne comprends pas ce qui leur a donné envie de supprimer des options après une mise à jour. Il semble assez productifs pour faire reculer les options tout en essayant d’aller de l’avant.

L’email également inclus à la fin, « Veuillez noter que le courrier électronique comme une option de contact sur notre site est supprimée à compter du 3 avril 2019. » Je ne suis pas très versé dans l’industrie de soutien tech, mais je ne comprends pas pourquoi les éliminerait l’option éprouvée, le meilleure soutien technique.

Cela m’a fait penser, ce que d’autres types de fonctionnalités ont été restaurées pendant pie ?

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  1. From what I remember offhead (based on articles and discussions that I’ve read), Android 9/Pie’s many regressions (moreso for notchless phones) include:

    – Neutered navigation bar with an increased focus on gestures rather than buttons (wit the bar using up the same amount of space with decidedly half-baked gestures). Some companies at least maintained the options of buttons or gestures, but I think the Google Pixel 3 prevents users from having the option of using the classic navigation buttons.

    – Horizontal Recents/Overview screen instead of a vertical variant – this « feature » is more subjective, I guess.

    – Enforced 3-icon limit for notifications in the status bar, all thanks to notches – for certain phones, this change completely removed the option to have as many icons in the status bar as you have space for.

    – The Digital-Clock/Time’s position was enforced on the left instead of the classic right-side position – again, all thanks to notches..

    – The Volume Slider got changed to a « vertical » variant if I recall correctly, and I think that certain volume sliders can only be changed by actually diving into Settings, whereas the Android 8/Oreo implementation gave a simple quick drop-down to change all 4 at once, and Samsung even added the option to switch the controlled volume default from Ringtone to Media.

    – Removal of easy access to viewing System Uptime in Android Info (WHY? It’s a useful metric that just sits there harmlessly!).
    The [DevCheck]( application thankfully still indicates System Uptime, although the read-out isn’t as « fluid » (doesn’t refresh as much) from what I’ve seen.

    – Neutering of the « Quick Toggles » pop-up thing, where you can adjust certain quick-toggles’ settings quickly without actually diving into the Settings screen.

    – certain « Do Not Disturb » mode capabilities/workflows that were possible in Android 8/Oreo are apparently harder, if not impossible, to achieve in Android 9/Pie.

    – I think that the Android 8/Oreo Easter Egg got removed..? (if one counts that as a feature).

    – Call Recording got heavily hampered.. I’m not sure of Screen Recording… Custom theming on Samsung devices also seems like it will be harder to achieve in the near future (going by a recent changelog entry for the [« Theme Galaxy »]( application), although « One User Interface (One UI) » seems to be softening the blow.

    – as others have mentioned, the method to access Android-native « Split-screen/Multi-Window view » has been altered a bit…

    The annoying thing is that a good chunk of these changes were done by actively worsening what Android 8/Oreo had practically perfected (especially the Volume Sliders and Quick-Toggles), and a lot of user frustration could have been alleviated if there were more toggles for things (especially regarding buttons vs. gestures, positioning of the time/clock on notchless devices, horizontal vs. vertical Recents screen, horizontal vs. vertical Volume Slider, and the method for accessing Multi-Window view). At least some manufacturers are trying to rectify some Android Pie issues, like the recent updates to Samsung’s Good Lock application and modules.


    Also, if that mention of « E-mail being removed soon as a form of technical support » is true, then I agree with the sentiment of that being a stupid decision, considering that snail mail / written correspondence has the disadvantage of usually taking extra time for message exchange to occur, and things like phone calls and « online customer-support chat-rooms » can be very hit or miss for a given consumer and are not nearly as easy to « auto-archive for reference » as an e-mail message is.

  2. They nixed video assistant for the note 8 in pie. Huge removal for me since it allowed you to download basically any video regardless of whether it was allowed to be downloaded or not.

  3. The one thing I miss on my note 9 was on Oreo I could long press the Power Mode quick toggle and it would take me to battery stats where I could screen on time. Now on OneUI and Pie long pressing that icon just takes me into the Power Mode menu. A small annoyance because I loved seeing 4hrs of SOT and 50% battery remaining at the end of a day.

  4. Battery menu in the settings page is gone. I used it to see the battery graph and high drain apps. It’s still possible to get to the page by activity deep link.

  5. I also used emails before they had the Samsung Members app, I think it’s the fastest and most convenient way to contact tech support now. It also makes sure you’re using a Samsung phone, and it gives you the option to send a system log to them for further inspection.

  6. Android Oreo had split screen, you could press and hold an app, hover it over one side of a screen and then select a second app for the other half. Was great got watching/reading simultaneously. So far can’t find a way to split screen apps in Pie. Like you said, why would you remove features??

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