Suis tombé sur cette capture d’écran de mon écran d’accueil sur mon Nexus One. Assez…

Suis tombé sur cette capture d’écran de mon écran d’accueil sur mon Nexus One. Assez…

Came across this screenshot of my home screen on my Nexus One. Pretty awesome how Android has evolved over the years.

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les blagues tous les jours de manière confortable ?

qui se souvient de SetCPU, Handcent et tueurs de tâches ?

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  1. Ah yes I remember furiously killing apps, expecting that “surely my phone will stop lagging now!”
    “Any minute now”
    “Maybe I need to kill them one more time”

  2. I’ve been using Android since the Eclair days and it’s amazing on how far it has come since then. While there’s things I miss about the early days and rooting and installing ROMs of Android versions it wasn’t intended for, Android now can accomplish things now that you needed root to do previously.

    Here’s a few screenshots I found on my SD card of my first phone (Samsung Transform running CM7)

  3. I actually really miss those days. Android is more polished and a much better OS now, but I loved the tinkering, rooting, etc. that made a huge difference. CyanogenMod back then was fun too.

  4. As a Debbie Downer, I’m going to spell out what I hated about Android back then:

    * SMS was a joke. I remember relying on Handcent for a half decent experience. It was a shame Google didn’t give us a popup or anything and so many apps tried to mimic the iPhone.
    * On the topic of SMS let’s not even forget how we couldn’t do group MMS for the longest time (was it Android 4.2 in 2012 when it finally got introduced?)
    * The launcher as so slow on stock Android. I remember using Launcher Pro to speed things up (and that damn update?). Also it bugged me Google’s Launcher2 didn’t use any dock icons and instead wasted space at the bottom. Sure Samsung got sued by Apple, but let’s admit it, having a dock at the bottom makes sense.
    * Android was a total lag fest back then. Not only was touch input so laggy, but the general framerate was well under 60 fps… maybe like 30 fps? The fact that we had to rely on SetCPU to make our phones fast enough was unfortunate. I was totally bashing Android laginess back then because my 2007 iPod Touch always felt faster than even a 2010 phone.
    * Widgets were cool, but man some of the customizations made your phone look like a Geocities website. I cringe looking back at some of my homescreens. It’s probably why Widgets are hardly a thing now even though they still exist.
    * Task killers were needed because apps would run wild with battery. I remember how Facebook would automatically start GPS the minute you launched the app.

  5. I still use Handcent , and I still have CPU monitoring apps. Fortunately we no longer have to OC our phones to get a decent experience… I’m thankful for that.

    What a great throwback. Thanks OP

  6. I remember setcpu and overclocking and undervolting… Only to have the phone randomly reboot…

    I remember flashing the new nightly rom every other day, with a CLEAN wipe every time!

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