Suis je le seul est sorti sur l’A50 Galaxy ?

Am I the only one exited about the Galaxy A50?

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les blagues chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Samsung hier a officiellement commencé à vendre l’appareil en Europe et pour 350€, je pense que c’est l’un des meilleurs smartphones que vous pouvez obtenir.

-6,4  » écran AMOLED – 4000 mAh – 128GO + microSD – 4 GB de RAM – NFC – prise casque – Triple avec appareil photo grand angle lens si la caméra est bien assez, je pense que je vais me faire celui-ci.

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  1. This is also on my list. Looking to switch from Nexus 6 where I botched the battery replacement and somehow managed to make the connection using a paper clip pressing against phone’s chassis (long story). I am undecided between 444€ for note 8 or this. Reading /u/drish_’s [comment]( I am leaning towards A50.

    I could only see it on Samsung’s official website but not on Amazon (Germany). They are offering a free 256GB memory card with pre-registration till 21.03 as well. Decent mid-ranger!

  2. Yep, I just bought it. In fact, I am writing this comment using my A50.
    The screen is really good. I don’t think there is a 128gb version, or maybe it wasn’t released in India. It has dolby surround sound too. The cameras are awesome. The overall experience is really good. BUT, the in display fingerprint sensor sucks. It takes like 5 seconds for it to recognise the fingerprint and it often fails. I hope Samsung fixes that in the next update.

    EDIT: Yep, samsung fixed it. The fingerprint sensor works really fast now.

  3. How are the SOCs and cameras on the new A and M series? My wife will be upgrading this year and it’ll be between one of those and Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro. To me personally 5000 mAh on M20/30 looks tempting, but I have no idea how energy efficient the Exynos SOCs are. I think I will wait for GSMArena’s tests.

  4. Nah, I’ve long ago preordered, got the free 256GB microSD already in the mail. The only disappointment is that here in Europe it’s limited to 4GB of RAM, but oh well, my current phone has no problem with 4GB.

    Been waiting ages for Samsung to finally release a decent friggin plastic phone, my last one was a S5 Neo and they the ruined everything with the glass S6.

  5. So glad samsung is fighting back against chinese companies to keep their number 1 place after years of overpriced mediocre midrange phonss. Competition is always great for us the end consumers.

    Hope they release it in middle east soon so i can recommend it to my relatives incase their old phone died and they dont want yo spend 1000$ on a phone.

  6. I was deciding between the A50 and Nokia 8.1. I finally bought 8.1 since the build quality is better, has android one and support for minimum 2 android versions. Also the in display scanner in the A50 took a long time when i saw the reviews. The SoC too is better 660 equivalent in the A50 vs 710 in the 8.1. Comparing in INR, the A50 was for Rs. 23,000 for the 6/64 version and i got the 8.1 for Rs. 26,500 for the 6/128 version after exchanging my old phone for Rs. 3,500.

  7. I just wish I knew when this model was coming to Canada. It seems to check off all the boxes for me. The only real downside is the image quality in low light, though this is to be expected from almost any phone at any price.

  8. It has 2 flaws, 1st is the in screen fingerprint scanner, having tried it in a S10, it works, but it is not as good as a normal one, the 2nd one is that it is a Samsung (this applies to pretty much every other manufacturer, other than Android One devices and a few exceptions), so who knows how long it will be updated, it’s a sexy looking phone and a great device if you only plan on keeping it for a year or two, if you plan on keeping it longer than that there is a real risk of lack of security updates.

    There are a few other good options at this price, both Android One devices that have 3 year guaranteed support (that does not mean that there are no bugs or the updates are Pixel fast) and other devices that have a good community support, like I think will happen to the Pocophone F1.


  9. « **Am I the only one exited about…** » No, you are not, clearly theres more people looking forward to this. Why make such a shit post seeking confirmation that you are so special that only you noticed ‘X’ or « Y », you are not bud, you are just seeking attention…


    **back to the old grumpy man cave**

  10. 19.5:9 aspect ratio… What in the serious actual fuck? Are they ever going to get off the 18:9+ aspects? This has killed all hope of me buying a new phone for months now. I’m on 18:9 now, and it’s atrocious as far as usability is concerned. I don’t even want to image trying to use 19.5:9

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