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  1. Can someone explain in layman terms how this works? From what I gather, the data centers are running the game on their components (GPU, CPU) and just streams it to your device? Will there be a input lag?

  2. I feel like I’m the only person that is genuinely excited about this and I’m not sure why? 4k 60fps gaming with no console. That’s revolutionary.

  3. Nice until latency comes in and literally destroys gameplay. I don’t know how do you guys can play with latency but I can’t even enjoy games when just a tiny bit of latency comes into play.

    Enlighten me.

  4. Haaaaaaard pass.

    A) I’m paying full price for a data bit that says I have permission to play a game until they take that permission away for X reason. I buy a PlayStation and a PlayStation game, I can play that game as long as the PlayStation works, like how I can still play SNES games on a working SNES.

    B) It’s Google. They’ll discontinue it after 2 years because some other internal Google team wants to make their own game streaming service that’s new and exciting with half the features. Googlers would sooner eat all the gluten on earth than maintain a product code base long term when they could just start over every couple years.

    C) The question is not if, but when, you’ll be served advertisements in your game. Maybe during loading, maybe when paused, but thinking they won’t slip ads in somewhere is naive.

    D) Most consumers don’t have unlimited data. I’m already streaming music and massive amounts of videos, now throw games into that mix too. Super.

    Google isn’t offering me anything of value here. They’re inventing problems and trying to sell me the solution. I have ZERO problems playing 4K quality games locally and it really isn’t that expensive to set up. It’s like if Google made bottled water and said drinking it with every meal will hydrate your body exactly, and while people are so excited that Google is making water and they can’t wait to try it, everyone forgets that drinking a glass of tap water with meals is perfectly fine.

  5. Can in theory google run servers on the same server center as the servers of the games? So they will only be one kind of input lag from your controller to the center(which is the same for consoles and pc since your system basically continuously sends and gets information to and from the game servers) and not 2(from your contoller to the center and from the Google servers to the games servers)

  6. Anyone else super excited about the idea of games being made specifically for this ? Like imagine what game devs can do when they effectively don’t have to worry about hardware limitations at all

  7. As someone who participated in the beta, it’s not as good as they make it sound. The compression of the video stream is quite bad in any slightly intensive scenario, the latency is certainly noticeable, frame drops every once in a while, and in general it’s nowhere near as fluid as a local gaming experience.

    I have gigabit fiber and quite a good machine, so I’m certain that’s not the issue. Maybe some of these issues could be solved by closer edge servers, but it’ll be a while till it reaches the level where you can play FPS’, etc.

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