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  1. Looks like an xbox controller with a ps4 layout and nintendo pro controller center lol. But I dig it. If it’s comfortable and cheap, it’d be nice to have a wifi enabled controller that’ll work with everything.

  2. I think this controller could potentially benefit iOS/tvOS users more than anyone. Connecting directly to the cloud means it bypasses Apples mfi restrictions.

  3. I have no interest in streaming games, but if the price is cheap enough and the quality is good this might be a good controller for PC gaming and emulation, or at least a nice alternative to the Dualshock 4 and Xbox One/360 Controllers.

  4. The project stream ac:o test ran really well. My sister beat the whole game on there and now that she has the free game from Uplay, she said it runs terrible on her pc.

    I have a ryzen 2600x cpu and GTX 1080 ti GPU and I have to lower a lot of settings to run it at 60 fps at 1440p. The project stream was only 1080p but ran almost as well as the native game now.

  5. Did anyone notice during the live stream while they were showing off the controller, the up, up, down down… code printed behind the controller as they panned past the bottom? It was a weird pan, like they were intentionally trying to show that off quickly.


  6. Those buttons look like they’re going to be the mushiest calculator-button tier things in the world, definitely interested in seeing how it’ll turn out.

  7. doesnt look half bad actually.

    still would prefer swapped dpad-analog stick placements, like microsoft.

    i’m sure that by now the only reason sony doesnt change this is because that will lead to people to say that sony is admitting that their solution is worse than microsofts and that they are just copying microsoft. its sad.

  8. Those triggers do not look very good. It looks like just a button with range of pressure. Hopefully this will be a budget option in the $20 – $30 range.

  9. Ruined by having inline analogue sticks. Puts more stress on the fingers and restricts some control over the left one. The sticks and D-pad don’t look great either.

    Once again the only options for Android controller is either 8bitdo or Xbone.

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