Spotify Premium pour les titulaires d’un compte famille peuvent obtenir une maison libre de Google…

Spotify Premium for Family account holders can get a free Google Home Mini until 14th May 2019 (UK only)

spotify Premium pour les titulaires d’un compte famille peut obtenir un gratuit Google accueil Mini jusqu’au 14 mai 2019 (Royaume-Uni uniquement)

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  1. How to do it:
    1. Make Spotify account
    2. Start premium free trial (Billed £0.01)
    3. Start ‘upgrade’ to family (Billed £0.01)
    4. Claim Google home mini
    5. Cancel subscription to Spotify (downgrade to free)
    6. Profit 😊

    Just done it works fine

  2. If I were to sign up on a free trial, could I get this for free and then cancel the trial? How does it work, can I get it without paying anything?


    Edit: Don’t think so

    >If you were an existing subscriber to a free trial for any Paid Subscription immediately prior to becoming a New Primary Account Holder, any remaining free trial period that you may have had will be forfeit when you complete your sign up as a Primary Account Holder and you will be charged immediately at that point.


  3. Just curious, but what do people actually use these for? I got a free mini when I got my Pixel 2 XL and the only thing I’ve ever used it for it asking the weather/temperature outside to know if I should wear a jacket or not

  4. I got like 6 of these from the Spotify deal last november-december. Was about to go for my 7th until Privacy sent me an email of abusing the spotify free trial(blocked the Spotify merchant). Only used two of ’em, rest is still in the box lying somewhere in my house.

  5. Anyone else’s order now saying that the delivery is « delayed » with no estimate? Despite it initially saying delivery on the 25th and then changing to delivery on the 22nd.

  6. For people wondering how to best take advantage of this, I can share my experience from the US version of this deal (hopefully it applies a cross the pond as well). I was able to get 3 minis for $1 each before I realized I didn’t need that many.

    First of all you have to be creating a family account for the first time so if your account has already owned a family plan you can’t do it. You can only use an email and credit card once, after that the deal won’t apply to that email or card.

    How to do it? Start a 3 month trial for $0.99 (hopefully there is a similar deal over in Europe). Pay for that with your account and credit information. Once you have that, upgrade to the family plan. It might say it will charge you $15 or whatever it is for the plan, but that’s after the 3 month free trial. Put in your information again and get your Google Home Mini through Google Express. You can enjoy your family plan trial for 3 months or just delete your plan after you place your order.

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