Spotify annonce un partenariat de Samsung élargie axée sur pre installe…

Spotify annonce un partenariat de Samsung élargie axée sur pre installe…

Spotify announces expanded Samsung partnership focused on pre-installs and free trials

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Spotify annonce partenariat élargi de Samsung a été consacrée avant installe et essais gratuits

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32 réflexions au sujet de “Spotify annonce un partenariat de Samsung élargie axée sur pre installe…”

  1. Currently many users on /r/Galaxywatch can’t even find Spotify on the Galaxy Store to install on their watch. Not to mention the Spotify experience of the Galaxy Watch had been far from perfect. Come on Samsung.

  2. TLDR;

    spotify preinstalled for many galaxy devices (*presumably* as a user app, but can’t confirm). More integration with bixby, bixby home.

    Spotify Podcasts on Samsung will allow listeners to pick up where they left off in an episode as they move between different devices.

    6 months free spotify trial for new users with a Galaxy device.

  3. Seems a bit dumb that the 6 free months of Spotify premium only apply to new customers. In the US, feels like almost everyone has Spotify or has signed up for it at some point.

  4. Yeah it comes preinstalled on the S10. But I use so I don’t care. Anyway you can uninstall everything except Facebook from the newer Samsung phones. And you can disable Facebook.

  5. Google really needs to start regulating preloaded software. At minimum they must not let OEMs install third-party software on the system side. This is going back to the 90s where every computer came pre-installed with 600 trialware programs.

  6. So long as it’s uninstallable I don’t mind but for me spotify is wasted on me, I still don’t use any streaming apps and prefer to store music files locally.

  7. ITT:

    Everyone is surprised that a Samsung phone comes with pre-installed software (that some users think are bloatware while the rest of their consumer base find useful/don’t care) even though this has been going on for years.

  8. I hate pre-installed garbage. One of the biggest annoyances from my Note 3 is how much garbage software came with it.

    My next phone will be a Samsung Note so I am curious have they improved at all on this front?

  9. To be fair, Spotify is one splendid app. It’s not like other shit that used to come with the Samsung phones.

    And to be fair, there’s not much bloat anymore.

    But also, pre installed apps should be kept to a minimum.

  10. Fair warning, if you uninstall it and then reinstall after hearing about this deal, it only gives the option for the standard 30 day trial.

    Unless i’m just dumb and getting the 30 day trial gives you the 6 month trial.

  11. I dumped Spotify permanently weeks ago, don’t miss it all. And Samsung is thee absolute worst on preloaded garbage/trackers on their devices, and then Knoxxing it down.

  12. It seems like I’m in the opposite boat as everyone else… I really want the 6 free months and I can’t get it. I migrated over my profile from another Samsung when I got the S10. I’m guessing maybe that affected the version of Spotify? Regardless, I don’t get the option for the free 6 months. I created a new account, uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify… nothing worked. I called Samsung and that was a nightmare of off-shored call center BS and being put on hold like 4 times before they finally hung up on me while trying to transfer to another department.


    Anyone have any suggestions?

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