Spark est maintenant en ligne sur la boutique de jeu de Google. Bougie

Spark is now live on the Google Play Store.

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les jokes tous les jours de manière confortable ?

est maintenant en ligne sur la boutique de jeu de Google.

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  1. I like how it works compared to apps I’ve tried like Aqua Mail and Edison. However my biggest problem with it is the same as all the others:

    These 3rd party apps treat labels as folders. In Gmail, I can view anything in my inbox tagged with certain labels. In a 3rd party app, they only appear as folders and then my inbox isn’t as useful to me that way.

    Willing to try it out for a bit, but leaning toward sticking with Gmail.

  2. Tried it out hoping it would be a Inbox replacement but it’s no where close and uninstalled it and will just use Gmail. Bundles aren’t really bundles. Once you read the email it just throws it into a big list like Gmail. Doesn’t sort them by days like Inbox either. Doesn’t have as many « bundles » as Inbox either such as trips.

  3. Thanks for the notification.

    It’s a pretty nice customizable app, though the look feels like dated. The « bundling » is just like Gmail where there’s limited categories, but actually to an even weaker degree. Spark has Notifications, Newsletters, Pins, and Seen.

    Pros: all emails are on one page instead of tabbed, easy bulk action on the bundles, pinned messages, unread appearing at the top, customizable interface, multiple swipe options by distance, reminders

    My opinion: Nice and will give it a go as my default. Very customizable. For some reason the most important Inbox feature of all (bundling) seems like it will never be matched.

  4. Spark is the best app I’ve found for triaging my inbox, particularly it’s ability to anticipate what folder I want to move stuff to. Been using it on my work issued iPhone for quite a while with good success. Looking forward to seeing if the Android version does as good a job.

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