14 réflexions au sujet de “Soutenir les choix et la concurrence en Europe”

  1. >we’ve always agreed on one thing, that healthy, thriving markets are in everyone’s interest.

    Lol that’s why they’re only doing this in the market they’re being forced to do it in.

  2. > Now we’ll also do more to ensure that Android phone owners know about the wide choice of browsers and search engines available to download to their phones. **This will involve asking users of existing and new Android devices in Europe which browser and search apps they would like to use**.

  3. Isn’t there a different treatment regarding android coming with Chrome, and Windows 10 coming with Edge?

    I mean Edge has less than 5% usage, people know that they can change their browser on their PC’s. Why wouldn’t they do the same thing on mobile?

  4. Textbook corporate bullshit. Release a statement about how you love competition the day before getting fined 1.49 billion euros for anticompetetive behavior lmao

  5. Why was the previous thread about this removed?



    Anyway, I’ll say it again, if DuckDuckGo had an app, I’d have long replaced the Google search app with it.

    I’ll also add that you really have to be a shit CEO to literally follow the footsteps of Microsoft. It shows the lack of creativity and imagination that Sundar Pichai has. He has hampered the growth of the web by creating the closed ecosystem that is Chrome and in attempting to pivot Android to a closed ecosystem, went to villainy 101 and simply followed in the footsteps of an era passed. Android has become bland and unimaginative. Most of the new features aren’t even created in house. The development and design community was murdered too.

  6. this is the opposite of helpful. preinstall whatever browser you want, just let me uninstall it so i can replace it myself

    as long as google doesn’t use hidden APIs or something to give chrome an unfair advantage like microsoft did for IE there’s no problem. i like a lot of what the EU is doing but god can it be stupid when it comes to electronics

  7. > In doing so, we maintained the freedom for phone makers to install any alternative app alongside a Google app.

    This is a problem. This is what is wrong.

    Everyone blames OEMs for having duplicate apps, but it’s Google’s fault. They force OEMs to install Google apps by default. That’s wrong.

    I hope they are forced, eventually, to not force their crap apps into everyone’s devices.

    If it’s a Google device, sure, bundle every shit app you want. But if it’s an OEM device, don’t force them to install all your shitty apps so then the OEM looks like shit for duplicating apps.

    Sure, if an OEM wants to go all Google, they should be able to do so. But if a OEM wants to include some apps and for other offer their own alternative, they should be able to that without having to have Google’s counterpart installed as well.

  8. The thing is, will I be able to uninstall (not just disable) Chrome and/or Google Search or just install other apps, as it is done today ? What about the stock launchers that have the Google search widget built in, how will that work ?

    The way I see this, it will be pretty much the same, users that know about and prefer alternatives will continue to use them, and users that don’t care will just be annoyed.

  9. WOW! I guess « The EU has forced us to comply with user’s rights more, despite it hurting our profits » woulda’ made ’em look bad so they spun it into this BS.

  10. I still don’t understand why Apple gets away with their safari bullshit on ios.
    Even though Android manufacturers are forced to install Chrome on their devices if they want to use Google apps.
    But as a customer,i still have the freedom to choose my default browser from anyone that is available for my particular version of Android.

    However on iPhone you can’t even get other browsers than safari*, let alone set that other browser as your default browser.

    *you can download other « browsers » from app store, but those are more like skins for safari with added support for some form of sync with desktop browser or something like that.

    Underneath those Firefox and Chrome browsers on iOS have safari doing all of the work.

    At least on Android it is ultimately my choice what browser i use, but with iOS i dont really even have the ability to make the choice.
    Yet it is big bad Google instead of hip and trendy mr.nice guy Apple that gets fined.


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