Souhaite vraiment que la scène Android n’était pas saturée avec le même design

Really wish the Android scene wasn’t saturated with the same design

haut seul prétendant UI ces jours-ci est android stock ou peau de Samsungs, sans tenir compte du marché chinois avec leurs sosies d’iOS. Custom ROM tous exactement le même aspect, changer comment l’icône de la batterie ressemble entre portrait ou cercle ou changement de la position d’horloge ne doit pas être appelée » personnalisation « riche. Je comprends que développer une rom stable est plus qu’assez que c’est mais afin de se démarquer et apporter un concours dans le paysage android, une interface utilisateur différente est la clé. Cela me fait vraiment envie de Microsoft pour développer leur propre peau android car ils viennent déjà tête première dans le monde android. Fuchsia OS est encore loin concerné de toutes choses, nous avons encore à vivre avec android pour le moment.

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  1. The main UI you interact with is the launcher and there are lots of good and interesting ones available that innovate.

    – [Hexy Launcher by Swiftkey](
    – [Fastkey Launcher](
    – [Niagara Launcher](
    – [Letters Launcher](

    And we have two called Edge Launcher that take a similar idea, but do different things with it:

    – [Edge Launcher 1](
    – [Edge Launcher 2](

    While the rest of the UI such as the notification bar and settings don’t change except when modified by OEMs, changing launchers can give your phone a whole new look and feel. I think it’s sad that everyone sticks to basic launchers with app drawers when there are so many other options available.

  2. how much of a ROM do you even see in regular use? status bar, notification pulldown, recents menu, navbar, and launcher. those are the visible parts, and there are plenty of ROMs that let you customize them. but there’s only so much you can do without ruining the form that’s dominant *because it works*. this is like complaining that phones all look the same. there’s only so much you could do while still fulfilling the shape requirements of a smartphone before folding tech was ready

    and if you want something more out-there you can replace most of the visuals with apps

  3. You’re making a mistake in disregarding skins other than Samsung’s. The global market isn’t saturated with the same design or UX or featuresets, you’re just not looking at the different ones – and to be fair they’re likely not available in your market.

    The Chinese vendors – Chiefly Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Meizu – have innovated *hard* to the point where Apple and Samsung alike have had to adopt features which are now expected as standard in that market. When one comes up with a great idea, the others rapidly adopt it – such as duplicating messaging apps so you can use two accounts, a way to turn off the screen without pressing the power button, theme engines, hardware button shortcuts, advanced screenshots, built in screen recorders, gaming enhancements, many different gesture implementations (some significantly better than others), or many other features besides.

    The great firewall means no Google, which means different ideas about how every single function of a device should work. Some of these ideas are, in my experience, very good. One person’s bloatware is another person’s favourite function.

    Do not let a default icon pack or the absence of an app drawer fool you into thinking iOS knockoff. These are huge companies with massive software development teams in the most competitive smartphone market in the world. While many of their features are market-specific and won’t make it out of the China builds, many others do, and we only see widespread reporting on those features in English when Google or Samsung or Apple catch up. Many of OxygenOS’ features for example are naturally cribbed from OnePlus’ sister companies – OPPO and Vivo – or from their competitors.

    Vanilla Android has been pretty stagnant with superficial change for change’s sake. The real innovation in featuresets has been in skins for several years now. It’s a great big world, and good ideas about how a phone should work are not restricted to the US and Korea only.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. China mobile phones « port » iOS into Android and make a not-that-bad UX. Another point is all the custom ROMs are the same. They don’t add anything to each other and they’re all the same. They kang every design and feature into their ROM. It would be great if they picked AOSP and do something different with it.

  5. As a UX designer I couldn’t agree more. Android UI is horrible largely because it’s either all the same, they copy IOS (poorly at that), and making a UI customization rich with pointless features just to differentiate itself from the competitors is horrible business. Featuritis at it’s finest. Android needs to find out what its users needs, and make those the top priority and do them well instead of throwing spaghetti at a wall and hoping something sticks.

  6. Or you guys can stop this thread and get Oneplus phones cuz there oxygen OS has actual useful features like App locker and improved gestures over Googles Imo. Also gaming mode and parallel apps ( extreamly useful for people who have multiple Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ect accounts)

    Tldr it all comes down to what u value like me I’m a gamer so I value the gaming mode in oxygen OS.

  7. This is why I left Android in favor of iOS a few years back. Jailbroken iOS>Root/xposed Android in terms of customization, its not even really a competition at this point. Android mod scene has been dead since Marshmallow.

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