13 réflexions au sujet de “Sony Xperia XZ3 remporte un prix pour son design”

  1. This design sucks hard. Slippery and hard to hold. I’m reviewing the phone for a small youtube channel, and it just slides everywhere because of the back. Rest of the phone is fine, but the damn design…

  2. The design just looks……fine? I’m more concerned about whether it keeps to Sony’s Xperia design language and the XZ3 keeps to that while still looking like a modern device.


    That being said, I absolutely hate how the fingerprint sensor is way too low whereas the camera lens is in the right place for where the fingerprint sensor should be, at least with how I held it when I was trying the phone out at a store.

  3. I can’t really tell these rounded-off rectangles apart from other rounded-off rectangles. I’m sticking with the XZ and XZ Premium which look sufficiently different from other me-too phones.

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