Sony est de combiner leur mobile, TV, appareil photo et audio divisions en un…

Sony est de combiner leur mobile, TV, appareil photo et audio divisions en un…

Sony is combining their mobile, TV, camera, and audio divisions into a newly named « Electronics Products and Solutions » department

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les news tous les jours de manière confortable ?

Sony est de combiner leur mobile, TV, appareil photo et audio divisions dans un département nouvellement nommé « électronique produits et Solutions »

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  1. I hope they may retain the open source love of the mobile division, the good prices of the camera division and the top notch quality of the TV one.

  2. Very positive development. Their audio, tv and camera divisions were doing pretty well. Soon everyone will forget there was a ‘mobile’ division.

  3. Does this mean Xperia phones won’t have shitty postprocessing that plagued them for years? ^(…and headphone jacks? That would be great, otherwise I’ll be sticking with my XZ Premium.)

  4. The reason why Sony Xperia cameras sucked is because their camera department was extremely hesitant to give their camera software pizazz to the mobile division.

    Now that they’re in the same department, it will no longer be an issue.

  5. Great way to hide the money that the cell phone division is losing.

    I kid, I kid. Seriously, I’m excited to see Sony leveraging their experience to create better devices in all areas. This is one of those things that might turn out well for the consumer, if implemented correctly.

  6. If they can align the incentives, combine the cultures, fit together the product cycles and still execute properly, then Sony is back and competitors beware. They have the best sensors, best displays, amongst the best optics and excellent DSP and storage solutions.

    But it is easier said than done.

    All mid level execs are now afraid of their bonuses, the chair reshuffling begins and all advancement slows to a crawl.

  7. I really like Sony for their support on developing regarding Android. Great devices and still they are awesome, but I feel like they are a bit big. Hopefully something with a SD855 in a compact formfactor and slim bezels is on its way. But their update scheme for smartphones is way to fast and they should add android one devices to their portfolio.

  8. This seems like a move to force the morons that head each separate department into working together. And with any luck the current mobile design team and their bosses (see current phone offerings for proof) will be ousted.

    Will 2020 be the year that Sony phones aren’t terrible? Maybe 1 year is a bit too optimistic.

  9. If this news was, say, 20 years ago, every consumer electronics manufacturer would be trembling and average consumers would have perked up at the news, but Sony has fallen so far from it’s glory days of being a leader in most market segments that I think most folks will shrug at this news.

  10. I feel like they’re going to have some massive layoffs when they discover that they have way too many people specializing on the exact same thing.

    But who know, maybe they’ll have some focus across their whole lineup, because right now, they have way too many products in way too many categories.

  11. Sony Mobile was doing phones worse every year, especially on design and software. From Xperia Z to XZ1, all phones are same in design, XZ2 (especially Compact) and XZ3 are very bad in design. Maybe this step will help Sony to make competitive phones against S10, P30 etc.

  12. I don’t believe this amounts to anything beside Sony wants to hide their the loss-making phone business under a bigger department with profitable camera and TV business.

    I used to work with Sony during Howard and Kaz time, and all the organizational changes during their time didn’t really make divisions work better with each other. Well, I’m hopeful this time it’s different.

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