Sony doit ramener le Xperia play avec la fiche d’aujourd’hui !

Sony doit ramener le Xperia play avec la fiche d’aujourd’hui !

Sony needs to bring back the Xperia play with today’s Specs!

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les jokes tous les jours de manière confortable ?

après Sony se termina officiellement la production de leur dispositif de jeu portable « Vita » la semaine dernière. Je pense que c’est le bon moment pour Sony ramener le Xperia play sur le marché avec des spécifications de 2019. le Sony Ericsson Xperia play avec c’ est contrôleur de glissement horizontal a été publié en 2011 avec 1 seul core (1 ghz vitesse), seulement 512 Mo de Ram et 400 Mo de nand stockage, vous pouvez dire le Adreno 205 est également très simple (ou faible) à jouer des jeux en 3D ou des émulateurs PSP.

L’affichage était seulement de 4 pouces mais avec gros enjoliveurs (ratio d’écran-à-corps de 60 %). Aussi, l’écran a été très sensible aux rayures et aux fissures puisque le gorille ou n’importe quel verre trempé n’existait pas encore.

L’appareil manquait également la prise en charge multi-touch à l’époque en raison de la menace de brevets Apple pour Android OEM. Aussi, The Android système fourni avec l’appareil n’a pas fait il facile d’attribuer les boutons physiques pour les pointeurs à l’écran à l’appui de la majorité Android Market jeux. Les jeux devaient soutenir officiellement le Xperia Play pour utiliser les contrôles physiques.

Largeur de 16mm c’était épais d’un appareil mais je pense que maintenant avec la technologie actuelle 7nm et tendance de grands écrans il facilitera pour Sony diffuser les données internes à un plus large (ou devrait dire plus) dispositifs afin de réduire l’épaississe.

Soutiendriez-vous Sony pour la réédition de le Xperia Play ? et si oui comment pouvons nous convaincre de le faire ? !

Merci d’avoir lu  🙂

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  1. Ya I genuinely don’t understand why the « gaming » phones of today (Razer and Asus) don’t have this design modernized. It’s the perfect design for a gaming phone.

  2. I’m probably gonna go another year before upgrading my phone and honestly part of the reason why I’m planning on waiting another year is on the off chance that something like this gets made. I’d buy one in a heartbeat. Doesn’t even have to specifically be Sony, any phone maker that makes something like this is going to get my money. Just hope it has dual triggers.

  3. Has there ever been a phone like this that’s been successful? Seems like a solution in search of a problem; wouldn’t most gamers prefer dedicated hardware?

  4. Being a bit nit picky here, but it only had 512mb of ram and about 400mb of usable internal storage and not 8gb.
    Source: Owned the Xperia Neo L which was a Xperia Play without the controller.

  5. Sony had their chance and blew it. They could have created a phone that could have been a media powerhouse if they had gotten their various divisions to pull their heads out of their asses.

    It is a shame that a global leader in gaming, computers, audio and video technology put out such a half-assed device. And looking at their current line of phones, it’s apparent they still don’t have a clue.

  6. Yes, please. I don’t want to buy external controllers with a ridiculous mount with my phone like a monster. I want something truly portable and powerful.

    It’s a shame they will never revive Xperia Play.

  7. I know its old news at this point, but I am still bummed how the Vita ended up playing out. In the PSP glory days I remember how unbelievably hype the idea of the same device but with a second joy stick was… then they made the Vita and I thought it would be a game changer but it kinda just fizzled out and didn’t get solid support after launch unless you were looking for indie games and JRPGS.

    But yeah, at this point I think sony branded controller/grip device for their phones (and remote play function) is the closest we will get to another Sony handheld.

  8. Absolutely this. I’ve been saying this for years now.

    As someone who owned and used an Xperia Play for several years, I can say that I would absolutely go back to a phone with that design. The slide-out controller is so extremely convenient compared to attachable bluetooth solutions and despite how far games have come, real buttons are still superior to touchscreen controls.

    See, the target audience for a phone like this has different priorities. I don’t care about chunkiness, I bought an extended battery with a replacement back cover that doubled the size of the phone. What made the original Xperia Play bad was the cripplingly terrible hardware specs it came with that made it difficult to do the one thing the phone was supposed to excel at. Add to that Sony basically dropping software support and very few games adding support for the controls post-release so you had an underpowered phone too weak for 3D emulators and without much third party support for the controls. In my eyes, these are all fixable problems. If the Xperia Play was more of a powerhouse then even without software support it would’ve had greater appeal as the ultimate emulation device.

    I’d buy an Xperia Play 2 that actually had flagship specs. Hell, they could even release a controller attachment that mimics the convenient slide-out design so that you don’t have to detach it when not in use for the next Xperia phone.

  9. What is Sony gonna do, make Minecraft exclusive again? it’ll all just be normal mobile games and the cost of development for a niche audience probably isn’t the best use of their resources. Besides, the Nintendo Switch and the Nvidia Shield have this market dried up.

  10. a modern Xperia play, even if it just supported remote play, would be an instant buy from me.

    if it also was VITA certified, and remote play? good gravy, it’d be awesome

  11. >how can we persuade them to do it?!

    Go back in time and convince enough people to buy the original Xperia play to have made it a worthwhile investment. They haven’t made another one because sales weren’t high enough to justify doing so.

  12. I had that phone and even with all of its flaws it was still one of my favorite devices I’ve owned. Being able to run an N64 emulator on it and play mario kart and OoT on it was amazing.

  13. I think the idea of the xperia play is nice. But problem is mobile gaming imo. There isn’t enough dedicated games that would be made for it. It would have to depend on mobile games and emulators. I think if you really cared about gaming on-the-go, buy a Nintendo switch, it has real games.

  14. With how successful the Switch is, Sonys phone would be rather terrible in gaming comparison and they would have to make sacrifices on the phone end to make it work. Sony already said the next Vita ain’t happening so I doubt this will. Plus some people here overestimate the market for gaming phones. Pthe general population that spends millions on candy crush want to game on their phones, not a gaming phone

  15. I think reviving the Xperia Play could be a neat way for Sony to get into foldables.

    Imagine the year 2021. You grab your Xperia Play, fold open the screen, open your PlayStation app and watch your PlayStation 5 spring to life as your phone’s screen glows with a PlayStation logo while buttons for the controller slowly fade into the screen while a blue bar of light slowly pulses through the middle of the screen, separating your game from the controls. You start up a game and just go at it for so long you forget the amount of time that passed by. After that, you fold up your phone and watch as the PlayStation settles down from your long gaming session.

    I don’t know why, but seeing the Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X in action really makes the tech grow on me. Once foldables reach a reasonable price point, I might invest in one considering the insane possibilities opened up by the tech.

  16. I’d take one of these anyday willing to pay about 1500 for one that’s how desperate I am for one after using an original Xperia Play that phone lasted me 5 years and I played all the classics on both ps1 and n64. The phone really is a dream in so many situations.

    I don’t understand people’s logic of complaining about abit of thickness a controller may add. As long as it’s not too big and portable it’ll be a dream phone. We already have a ps2 emulator nowadays too.

  17. I’m sorry, but there’s no way these phones are coming back. At best we might get a phone that has a gamepad attachment, but there’s just no market for a dedicated gaming phone when it adds a bulky gamepad that nearly doubles the thickness.

  18. I’d consider one for sure. I had one when the first came out and it was great, I did have trouble with the connector between the 2 halves and had it replaced under warranty twice.. And Australia didn’t really have a great selection of games for it..

  19. > Also the screen was very prone to scratches and cracks since gorilla or any hardened glass didn’t exist yet.

    OG Galaxy S launched in 2010 laughs with it’s Gorilla Glass screen.

  20. > Also the screen was very prone to scratches and cracks since gorilla or any hardened glass didn’t exist yet.

    False. My LG Optimus 7, which was released in October 2010, came with Gorilla Glass. The Xperia Play not coming with it was a choice by Sony.

  21. Why bother when you can carry around a Keychain sized Bluetooth controller. What we really need is a thin case that you can stand the phone in landscape mode and it will prop up easily for easy video/gaming viewing. Kind of like a case with heavy materials inside the case so that when you shift the phone the materials move to a side so that it will stay right side up when you tilt it on its side. This would eliminate a kick stand found in some cases which add bulk/moving parts. A clean slick case that you can prop up without falling over. You’re welcome free idea.

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