Sony de slash smartphone effectif 50 % d’ici 2020

Sony de slash smartphone effectif 50 % d’ici 2020

Sony to slash smartphone workforce 50% by 2020

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les blagues chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Sony de slash smartphone effectifs 50 % d’ici 2020

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  1. TOKYO — Sony is cutting up to half its smartphone workforce as sales shrink in the face of stiff global competition.

    The job cuts come as the global smartphone industry suffers one of the severest downturns of recent years. Worldwide shipments are expected to decline for the third straight year in 2019 to about 1.3 billion units, according to U.S. research company IDC.

    Sony’s share of the smartphone market has fallen sharply in recent years — from more than 3% in 2010, according to the research portal Statistica — to less than 1% currently. It has struggled to compete against leaders Apple, Samsung Electronics and Huawei Technologies, all of which are racing to develop new 5G devices.

    The decision to scale back its smartphone workforce, which could see up to 2,000 of the total 4,000 jobs cut by March 2020, is part of a move to reduce fixed costs in the business, and also includes procurement reform.

    Some of the Japanese employees affected by the decision will be transferred to other divisions, but the company will offer voluntary retirement in its Europe and China operations.

    Sony will limit smartphone sales in Southeast Asia and other areas to focus on Europe and East Asia.

    The company’s smartphone sales for fiscal 2018 are projected to come in at a dismal 6.5 million units, half the previous year’s figure and just one-sixth that of five years ago.

    In fiscal 2014, Sony pulled 1,000 employees from its smartphone operations, but sales have plunged faster than expected, necessitating a further round of cuts.

    Sony’s smartphone business generates annual revenue of about 500 billion yen, but is expected to post an operating loss for the third straight year through fiscal 2019. By halving operating expenses from fiscal 2017, the company hopes the business will turn a profit by fiscal 2020.

    Sony has restructured before, selling off its personal computer unit and paring costs at its TV business. Now, its smartphone business remains the only loss-making unit.

  2. They’re doing it because of really shitty sales on smartphones recently. These companies want more for a cell phone than I paid for my laptop, and they wonder why I won’t buy one.

    I bought an iPhone 4 the day it came out. I stood in line. It was revolutionary. It was better than anything else available by a long shot. It was like apple had somehow stolen this technology from aliens, and then AT&T sold it to me for the amazing price of $199 with a two year contract.

    Smartphones were amazing when they came out. They’re not anymore. The new phones can’t do anything my old iPhone 4 from 10 years ago couldn’t do. Calls, texts, maps, social media. A new camera is cool and all, but it isn’t going to get me to buy a new phone for $1100 goddam dollars.

    If you want me to pay an extraordinary price, then you need to offer me an extraordinary product. There’s nothing extraordinary on the market, only the same old ordinary shit we’ve been buying for the last decade.
    It’s time for the cell phone industry to steal some more alien technology or sell their soul to the devil or something.

  3. Sony, all you have to do is up your marketing game and cut prices – it’s so frustrating watching layoffs happen when they have a potential winning combination so close by.

  4. If Sony wants to succeed in the smartphone market the they need to start from scratch. The first thing the should do is abandon the Xperia brand. If Sony starts fresh, they may have a chance.

  5. I had an xperia z2 and i loved the phone other than the weight and sharp corners. Eventually the phone just came unglued and started to fall apart.

    I havent seen any new sony phone with any rounded corners. They got rid of the magnetic dock which i actually really liked to use my phone as an alarm clock

    So i dont know what they are doing , i havent bought sony since

  6. When Target opened in Canada, my friend and I went down to check it out. We walked past the mobile department and the salesman started showing my friend the newest Sony phone. It was unlike any other phone, it was so premium and looked incredible. We both said we wanted one.

    I know one person who has owned a Sony phone. Most people wouldn’t even know they existed. For a while, they made a very solid device with features like water resistance and apparently great cameras. They could be so much bigger with better marketing, but now phones are so much better, there’s not really a reason to get a Sony.

  7. I wonder why they hire all the clueless people in their smartphone division. Even the Chinese know what they are doing now with much less budget than sony.

    I would shut down the phone division and give more budget to the PS division to come up with a kick ass Nintendo Switch like PS. HELL YEAH!

  8. Tis saddens me :[. If it wasn’t about not having a gyroscope, and even at that, it’s not that of a deal, the Xperia XA2 is one odd device through the market. It has all the good ol’ features.

    •Headphone jack
    •Built-in FM Tuner
    •Micro SD slot
    •3300 mah battery
    •Hefty metal finish, super premium built quality
    •Sony’s legendary standby time

    It’ll soon be 2 years since I have it and it’s not even itching me to change it. With quick charging nowadays, I don’t even regret not having a removable battery, which I was hesitant at first to get this phone. For under 600$ price tag, I’ve been very pleasantly surprised.

  9. It’s a shame because Sony makes good quality phones but with old unattractive designs it’s insane that there are some phones that still have so much bezel from Sony.

  10. **Lets analyze why:**

    1. ***Marketing and Hype***: Every sony ad is underwhelming. They are still maintaining the « Classiness » and clean ideology. Very Corporate vibes and boring. Now look at one of those Apple, Samsung, ads, they are all creatively done and brings publicity (good or bad) and that has worked massively well for Samsung and always has worked well for apple. Those Apple Vs Samsung Ads have made Samsung the no. 1 rival of iphones. There is basically no sparkle coming from Sony while promoting Xperias
    2. ***Shortcomings in certain specs***: They have always delivered great Technology but there is always some weird shortcomings that strike off the advantages. Stuff like low battery size, Removal of Headphone Jack, Single Cameras, LCD over OLED, larger bezels etc. Their most stupid shortcoming: The **Camera** and listen to Sony’s response on why: « *we didn’t want to cannibalize our mirrorless camera dept, so we had them seperate* » .Due to stuff like this people who even want to buy Sony try to find faults in it. And why this is really frustrating? Because of Chinese competition where they give more specs(dunno the quality tho) at same price. Who wouldn’t go for « **More Bang for your Buck** ».
    3. ***Carriers*** : US carriers hate sony due to the contract issues.
    4. ***Reviewers*** : I think these are the people who have some hand in gradually killing off sony. Whenever you type in a smartphone product in Youtube (*assuming that’s where people go to listen opinions before buying a smartphone*), its the reviewers videos which pops up more than the official video. But i don’t know why or what’s the reason they never appreciate Sony. There are definitely some specs to be mentioned in the sense that they do it when chinese and other phones have it in their smartphones, but Never sony. The Top Reviewers, MKBHD, Linus, Unbox therapy, etc etc, always review what is hyped: like the new samsung, even the underrated LG, chinese phones unavail. in their country but no sony. I don’t why. Maybe they were expecting to get paid by Sony but since they didn’t , they stopped caring for it. Hence the chain of events of people not buying sony. And the design is their number one complaint. The razr phone when it came out with the exact look of a sony phone, many reviewers kinda liked the design, while hated it when sony released it years ago . Some talk about waterproofing like it began from iphones and Samsungs, but sony actually came up with it ages ago. Their Triluminos tech is one of the best color accurate techs. But no one cares. Their 21:9 OLED was used by a movie director for video playback on set for accurate display, but display mate, as usual awards Samsung. When Sony captured 4k HDR on camera, it wasn’t heard , and Samsung does it with s10 one year later and it becomes the 1st to do it. DxoMark rated xz3 lower than sony phones released years ago with 4 sample shots and focused on lesser important details that give sony no advantage, but with huawei p20, the very next day of release gets it the highest score with 100s of sample photos and also the Samsung with the same camera for 1.5 years just in a different model is getting a rank up. You can clearly see some of the reviewers may be paid and have a confirmation bias. *The Verge* is the worst americanized hype reviewer.Its not like Sony isn’t offering anything, its the way the reviewers find a point to dislike it, while with others they try to forgive those shortcomings. Why Hasn’t Sony even realized that you need to bribe people to stay in the industry ? Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, all have been caught cheating in the benchmarks and scores. Sony was just a Naive Lil Japanese Boy.

  11. gone were the days when this was the brand that’s supposed to be developer friendly. i still remember the time when this sub used to champion Sony and HTC. i still remember the time when Sony had Indian shills with their broken english over at the gsmarena comment section and screaming at everyone how much better Sony is than « Samdung »

    i remember the days when i love my Sony Ericssons. it’s just that over the times, they gradually offered lesser value while Samsung improved theirs. it got worse once the Chinese brands started taking over the market

    i still do NOT understand why Sony still continue to price their phones higher than average. they really overestimated their brand value in the smartphone market

  12. This has been coming for years at this point. While they haven’t helped themselves with a lack of design overhauls over the years (both UX and hardware) and their camera performances, it comes at a time where the smartphone industry is stagnating (and, depending on views, regressing). They have the PlayStation and Sony’s music/entertainment juggernauts that they need to double down on too, so I think it’s the correct time to scale down their smartphone workforce

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