Si vous utilisez votre téléphone pour la navigation, l’iphone et ios sont sans doute pas…

If you use your phone for browsing, the iphone and ios are probably not for you.

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument regarder les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les jokes chaque jours de manière gréable ?

j’ai fais ce post parce que les inconvénients, sur que je me concentre ne sont pas vraiment mentionnés dans les commentaires.

Après que j’ai vendu mon Pocophone F1 à cause de son écran et tactile problèmes, j’ai passé quelques jours sans relâche la recherche d’un nouveau téléphone à acheter, il est descendu à la galaxie s10 ou l’iphone xr.

J’ai décidé d’acheter l’Iphone Xr, parce que je voulais un téléphone qui me durerait ans. En outre, les critiques sur la fluidité et mieux optimisés apps, le processeur A12 incroyable et le fait que je suis de l’europe, où seule la version exynos de la S10 est vendue.

** Quelques réflexions et conclusions : ** ma première impression était vraiment bonne, les regards, la fluidité de l’interface utilisateur et la caméra ont été les premières choses que j’ai vu et essayé.

Mais ce qui m’a fait malheureux avec le téléphone, l’expérience de navigateur avec elle. Firefox et chrome sont essentiellement des peaux de Safari, qui, à mon avis, est nettement inférieurs pour les navigateurs sur android, je sais que certains utilisateurs aiment safari mais pour moi, ils ne peuvent pas comparer à firefox et chrome le fait que vous n’avez pas un gestionnaire de fichiers vrai suce aussi , lorsque vous ajoutez dans le fait que le téléphone coûte près de 900 euros, n’est pas une charge rapide, multitâche et usb c.

** mais… ** c’est moi, j’ai réalisé que j’utilise mon téléphone comme un ordinateur, vous ne pouvez pas.

Peut-être que vous voulez seulement un téléphone pour les médias sociaux, pour les photos et vidéo, pour faire des appels téléphoniques et de jeu. Si c’est vous, vous allez adorer l’iphone.

Dans l’ensemble, l’iphone est un excellent appareil mais android est ma maison et j’aime ce que je peux faire avec elle.

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31 réflexions au sujet de “Si vous utilisez votre téléphone pour la navigation, l’iphone et ios sont sans doute pas…”

  1. I think you’ve got a point, but it’s almost exactly opposite your post’s title. If all you want is an appliance that « just works », for browsing web content and other common uses for a smartphone, that’s what iPhones are for; it’s their focus and strength.

    As a general-purpose computer, Android is much stronger, but many people don’t actually wish to use their phone as a general purpose computer. For them, Android offers less expensive gizmos and more diverse hardware choices in exchange for a device that’s more complex to configure and customize. Those of us who want a general purpose computer in our pocket welcome that opportunity to customize; but many don’t.

    But just using your phone for browsing is not where Apple’s weakness lies.

  2. One of the worst post bashing the iPhone about it’s biggest strength : browsing

    – Content blocker (adblock on all safari webviews from all apps unlike android where ads are everywhere on custom webviews and poor implementations)

    – Out of the box better privacy

    – Continuity for picking up where you left on other devices instantly

    – Safari « reader » which is the best web reader, ad-free, unmatched by all chrome extensions copies (and slightly better than the Firefox one)


    this was literally the worst thing to criticize iOS on.

  3. If Night Sight didn’t exist, I’d still be on my iPhone.


    I like my new Samsung but I never had to deal with anything like [Samsung’s Quick Suggest]( popping up when I used Safari. Yeah sure simple to get another browser but if you want me to use your app, don’t make it annoying for me. You can’t swipe the quick suggest popup away. You have to leave the webpage so it goes away but it ends up coming back again.



  4. If you’re using Chrome and Firefox then, yeah, iOS is not for you.

    If you’re using Safari with a content blocker, it’s fast and responsive.

    The bigger issue with iOS is that Apple’s software schedule is yearly, and they rarely make big changes to core apps like Safari, so you’re stuck with the UI/UX paradigms. Despite being fast and responsive, Safari has a dated UI and is missing common shortcuts and interaction elements used elsewhere, e.g. swipe across the bottom bar to switch tabs, or a way to pop open the keyboard in the address bar without reaching for the top.

  5. I always had multiple phones, and if I have to browse something I preferred it on iPhone than on Android phones. Granted they may not be feature rich like may be some Android browsers are, but for causal browsing with ad blocking safari works great and one of the best mobile browser experience out there.

  6. >doesn’t have fast charging, multi tasking

    It does have [fast charge](, you have to buy a better charge for that (THAT is stupid for 900€ phone)

    It does have multitasking. Multitasking is not defined by running apps in splitscreen or PiP.


    > Maybe you only want a phone for social media, for pictures and video, for making phone calls and to game. If that’s you, you will love the iphone.

    That’s just a weird generalization to downplay what iPhone user can do with their devices, even if iOS has some obvious limitations.


  7. > I realized I use my phone as a computer

    …if you know this why do you buy iphone? do you really need to use iphone first to come to that conclusion?

  8. Erm, so your problem with the browser is….. What exactly? That there’s no file browser? What does that have to do with browsing the internet? Also, there is a files app on the iPhone. While you can’t see the file system, you can still do some basic file download/management.

    Either way I think you’re saying the browsers on Android are superior. I’d have to disagree. Chrome for one has no content blocker. So no ad blocking etc. Firefox isn’t as fast or as easy to use as Safari. It’s customisation is also seriously lacking. That’s not even getting into webpage compatability etc.

    Safari is no 1, followed very closely by Samsung internet at 2.

  9. Lol…I’ve used an iPhone for 99 percent of my browsing and business needs for maybe 5-6 years? I’m also self employed.

    “Multi-tasking” people still stuck in 2009 app switching on iPhone is undeniably better than multi tasking as it dedicates all of your CPI power to the task at hand. I have no trouble taking pics, editing them, and posting products on eBay in-the-field I simply don’t understand how anyone could think keep all tasks on cpu cycles could possibly be better. When an app
    Benefits from from multi tasking on IOS it does. Example: music apps. Not only can you have multiple apps running, they can all be synced to a midi clock generated by any of them and theres also audio routing and FX apps.

    Download files in the background? Why not, here’s the api

    Edit another video showing the XS destroying the s10+ On speed with half the ram. (must be all those backgrounded but unneeded apps slugging it down?)

  10. Use my p20 pro for everything. The browsing experience on this phone is great. I use both chrome and Samsung Internet browser and I have to say Samsung Internet browser is very good.

  11. I say this all the time – iPhones are phones that can run apps, and Androids are little portable computers that can make phone calls. Different core philosophies that result in devices that suit different types of people.

  12. You just don’t know how to use iOS to it’s full potential unlike android (which is something you’re used to). For example, I use the files app to it’s full potential to download and store stuff, sync my files, edit code on text editors, and even have a Linux shell on the device.
    iOS can do a lot… you just haven’t used it for some time to know about all these things. It’s all a point of habit I suppose

  13. Exactly why I picked up my S10. The iPhone had now been relegated to texting and a few phone related things. Any heavy lifting is on the S10.

  14. Can you tell what is a day to day use of having a full fledged file explorer on android ? Asking seriously, not trying to troll. I am iOS user since many users but still use Fire HD 10 only a daily basis for media consumption but I almost never use the ES Explorer (I have it installed) on Fire HD 10 and I haven’t really felt the real need of a file explorer on my iPhone.
    Just trying to understand the use case.

  15. I use the phone for browsing a whole lot, and being told which browser should be the default for me is the bull shit that ll never make me consider a phone from apple camp.

    Shit will really hit the fan when they ll try to tell me that I wasn’t *holding* my phone properly, and hence the pages/site wasn’t loading. And I am not even gonna mention the clusterfuck of a situation their walled garden approach is.

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