Sharp demonstrates a 6.18″ vertically foldable AMOLED prototype

Sharp demonstrates a 6.18″ vertically foldable AMOLED prototype

Avant de comparer un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours voir les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les actualité chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Sharp demonstrates a 6.18″ vertically foldable AMOLED prototype

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  1. Sharp is now owned by Foxconn, so not sure if they are actually interested in making a phone, or just try to sell the screen as components.

    The prototype has no hinge design, which is key for the phone to work. But it is a suitable demonstration for the screen itself.

    Building and selling a phone is risky in the current environment.

  2. I like the clamshell design a lot more than the « huge screen » design. I want a small, protected phone again without sacrificing my current screen size lol

  3. This is some serious advantages:

    – No more glass needed: lighter and shatterproof

    – smaller than most wallets in your pocket

    – More space at top and bottom for powerful speakers

    – Better for gaming

    – Phone effectively gets a kickstand, you don’t have to hold your phone for reading

    – slightly larger screens are possible, however limited by its width

    Disadvantages probably will be:

    – plastic scratches easily, even when cleaned with paper towels

    – phone easily scratches opened and easily brakes at the hinge

    – thickness

  4. 300,000 folds is impressive. I average about 45-50 pickups a day of my phone and assuming I fold it twice per pick up (for some weird reason) that’ll last you upwards of 8.2 years which is WELL past the typical length of your average smartphone. Based on a normal 2-3 year cycle, you’d have to be picking up and folding the phone about 300+ times per day which is not realistic. The real question is how long it will take before wear starts to show compared to how long it takes before breaking.

    Basically, this gives me higher hopes for these first generation products!

  5. In June 2018 Sharp started to produce flexible OLEDs, and are using these in its own smartphones. Still low-volume production, but this demo is impressive and hopefully the company is in the right direction!

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