Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Smartphone Release Delayed

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Smartphone Release Delayed

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Smartphone Release Delayed

Avant de choisir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les news tous les jours de manière gréable ?

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Smartphone Release Delayed

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  1. It’s not shame to make a mistake and admit it. If they continued with launch and started to sell defective devices, they would fall very bad in consumers eyes.

  2. >SEOUL— Samsung Electronics is delaying the expected Friday rollout of its Galaxy Fold smartphone until at least next month, according to people familiar with the matter, the latest fallout from a product headache that began with tech reviewers reporting their test devices had malfunctioned.

    >The Galaxy Fold phone–priced at nearly $2,000 and the industry’s first mainstream foldable-screen device–was slated to hit shelves this week in the U.S. But problems with phones being used by reviewers have changed those plans, the people said.

    >The new rollout is expected in the coming weeks, though a firm date has yet to be determined, they said.

    >Though the company’s internal investigation remains ongoing, the Galaxy Fold phone’s reported issues stem from problems affecting the handset’s hinge and extra pressure applied to the internal screen, the people said.

    >A Samsung spokeswoman did not have immediate comment. The company had previously said it would adhere to its plans for the Galaxy Fold phones to hit shelves on April 26 in the U.S.

  3. If it has that protector on it, and its not supposed to be removed, why the fuck isn’t it end to end on the screen? Why are there any gaps at all? It should be part of the phone like edge to edge glass.

  4. This is good. It’s better to delay it and fix the issues. Your customers will appreciate it (we’re looking at you Bioware, when it comes to Anthem).

  5. Good on them and also good on the reviewers to blow this up, in turn making sure Samsung takes it’s time instead of shipping a $2k phone with questionable reliability irrespective of if it’s first gen or any gen device.

  6. This sort of thing should have been caught by the testers way before it was announced to the public. I guess they rushed it to get it out the door before China even when it wasn’t ready.

  7. There is no way they didn’t have these issues internally and yet their management still forced it to market.

    The others who said oh the reviewers had pre production units are fools too. It was suppose to ship this Friday. You can’t change hardware that quickly for a mass production device.

    Samsung is crying to be known as the first. The screen protector is an obvious hack added later in development to push it out the door.

    Don’t give praise to a company for pushing a product not ready out the door.

  8. I’m glad they’re delaying the launch. I can just imagine the fallout from countless people breaking their $2000 Fold on day 1.

    That’s a step process to pay for something that breaks so easily. People will probably stick these things in cases that lock the device in the unfolded position so it won’t break.

  9. I can’t imagine that in a phone that cost $2000, there is a plastic layer present that can be mistaken for a screen protector and accidentally peeled. This alone turns me off to the phone.

  10. I feel like it should be against sub rules to post paywall articles. There isn’t any meaningful discussion we can have about this when any non-wsj subscriber can’t read the article

  11. Ive said it in another comment but I’ll say it again, the one thing they forgot to account for the most was human error. They tested the folding and unfolding process with robots that did the process hundreds of thousands of times without error, But robots cant make errors in this process or at least hardly at all during the testing phases. When you get the phone into the hands of humans (You know, pretty much 100% of your user base) we obviously are not going to unfold and fold it the same way over and over and if any small debris gets in the hinges it can ruin the entire thing.

    It seems like the screen is incredibly fragile and I do not in any manner see this taking off with the general consumer. I see it as a purely business only phone for higher up CEO’s. Especially at the asking price of $2,000

  12. Read the fucking article, it’s « at least til next month » is not long enough to do anything but slap red stickers on it telling you to not pick at the display.

  13. As much as I’m not a fan of Samsung and their past business practice, for the first time they are trying something new. Can’t hate on that. I’m actually presently surprised that they seem to actually care about this product. Good on Samsung.

  14. Makes me wonder about their quality control and tests before launching a new device, though.

    They (all companies) always brag about quality control and tests « lasts 1,000,000 times » doing x y z but then how do you get this kind of crap coming through that strong QA program?

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