Samsung poussent sur leurs bourgeons Galaxy car ils vont re…

Are Samsung pushing out their Galaxy Buds because they are going to remove the headphone jack from now on?

je reçois que le S10 est cher et ils veulent encourager le vendre, mais peut-être qu’ils poussent beaucoup sur afin que les gens ont déjà une solution sans fil lorsque le phare prochaine chute sans une prise casque ?

Qu’en penses-tu ?

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  1. I mean, they’re also including wired earbuds with every phone. I think at some point it will happen but I would bet we at least get one more year of headphone jacks as their wireless earbuds are further refined.

  2. I dont think this is a move to remove the jack. They are pushing the buds because they are trying to make a product stick. They know some people are one the fence. With them pushing the buds they get to have word of mouth on the street and potentially push more people on the buds.

  3. Doubtful, because post launch sales are much bigger than preorders so basing the assumption on Galaxy Bud preoders doesn’t make sense. They already saw the bad press when Apple and Google went and told people all of their old accessories were useless. I don’t see a company that’s already been very responsive to their customers wishes (bringing back the MicroSD card when their customers begged for it regardless of Google dropping it from Nexus/Pixel), suddenly going against that. Like expandable storage, the headphone jack is a cheap addition that provides differentiation from Pixel/Apple that may sway some customers to stay with the brand, or even come over. And sense customers have been okay with the rising prices of phones (and then some ensuing discounts) they don’t have to be as cost conscious with value-add features, which is why all of their new phones even come with wired headphones in the box. Now when they start shipping them with cheap BT headphones/buds, then you’ll see the jack start to be phased out.

  4. Samsung basically give you the whole lot:

    1. Introduces Galaxy Buds (Samsung’s Airpods equivalent)
    2. Despite (1), still keeps headphone jack on all flagships
    3. Gives you wired headphone-jack headphones in the box

    I predict that they keep the trend going.

  5. I think its plausible. Makes sense actually but hopefully not. Being a audio engineer and music producer, the headphone jack is super important to me.

  6. According to everyone on this sub, any manufacturer that removes the jack will go bankrupt immediately.

    And of course every time you throw out actual data where manufacturers saw an increase in sales after removing the jack they flip the fuck out and act like it’s all fake.

  7. I could see it get removed in the S12. I’d expect the S11 to be another incremental upgrade so I doubt it’ll be removed then. I could also see Samsung adding some stuff to try and justify the removal if they end up doing that.

  8. I think they just saw a emerging product category and are trying to make money off of it. Even then, they’ve had true wireless headphones for a while starting with the original icon x.

  9. I personally think unfortunately it’s a 50% chance it’ll go with the S11, 100% by S12.

    I think the Note 10 will be the last flagship phone which 100% will have one…

    I hope I’m wrong though!

  10. Unless technology is advanced enough so Samsung can fix the latency when using Galaxy Buds, I don’t think headphone jack is going to be replaced anytime soon. Besides, we have had bluetooth headset for years now and it couldn’t replace normal headphone, so don’t worry too much.

    For me, it’s ideal to use the Buds for music, especially when exercising and traveling, and headphone for games, youtube and video chat.

  11. They could drop it, but the introduction of the galaxy bud would probably play a minor role in it. Their smartphone sales are decreasing so they are trying to make money elsewhere

  12. Samsung gave out the AKG N60 NC with the Note 9. Did that mean that they were going to keep the jack forever? Their latest tablet doesn’t have a headphone jack.

    It’s a freeby to incentivize you to purchase their new phone at full msrp. Anything more than that is conjecture. The new trendy headphone style are those kind of earbuds so they gave those away this time. If Samsung wants to remove the jack, they will. They don’t need to give out free headphones to justify it.

  13. They were willing to give free Galaxy buds to all the preorder S10s AND the typical wired AKG earbuds. I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung gave free wireless earbuds with all the Galaxy S and Note phones in the future when they do decide to remove the headphone jack (almost inevitable). Especially since Apple doesn’t provide free airpods with iPhones.

  14. Samsung needs to push a wireless headphone product because the Apple Airpods are very good, and Samsung has always shown a willingness to engage and directly compete wherever Apple is. Samsung is the one that is still trying to make Android watches and tablets happen, even after Google has seemingly abandoned those segments.

    Samsung chooses to offer an entire ecosystem comparable to what Apple has, so that they aren’t reliant on third party accessory manufacturers to complete the experience.

    To me, that’s a sufficient explanation for the Galaxy Buds, even if they have no intention of abandoning the most universal port of all time.

  15. They are pushing them because they are shit and won’t sell on their own.
    Same as that vr crap and 360degree cameras they made a while back.

  16. I used to believe samsung won’t remove the headphone jack but now I’m almost certain they will.

    They already removed it from the galaxy a8 lineup and the galaxy fold, this was after making fun of apple for not having a headphone jack.

    And it doesn’t stop here, they made fun of the notch as well while later adopting it with their galaxy M series, galaxy fold and the galaxy S10 (I know it’s a punch hole but its the same thing to me – a distraction that hides your content).

  17. I think they’re just trying to compete with AirPods. I know several people who got a pair of AirPods as a gift myself included and it caused me switch to iPhone because they don’t work as well with android phones. May just have been my results, but they were like capped at 70% volume on my s8+ and the only options for button mapping were crappy 3rd party apps. I still prefer my S8+ on the whole.

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