Samsung Galaxy vs Google Pixel : en analyse de performance profondeur.

Samsung Galaxy vs Google Pixel : en analyse de performance profondeur.

Samsung Galaxy vs Google Pixel: In depth performance analysis.

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les actualité chaque jours de manière confortable ?

je pense qu’il s’agit d’un sujet que les gens n’ont pas été discutées ouvertement. Alors j’ai décidé de faire un seul thread d’exposer les faits, au moins, les gens peuvent faire plus éclairées achat de décision. Je vais être objective et factuelle autant que possible. Voici comment les 2 téléphones comparent performances : ## épreuve de chute de Frame : ** Samsung wins.* * [Pixel 3 vs Note9 frame drop test.]( n’a pas trouvé les autres plus récents. Anciens tests [like this]( montrent OG Pixel et S8 (Oreo bêta) ont près de performance cadre identique.

## Touch tests de latence : ** Tie.* * Samsung a-t-il avantage délié après avoir visionné plusieurs tests à 0,25 x comme [here]( Mais la différence est négligeable (0,1 s d’écart) pour le rendre un gagnant. J’ai pu trouver une meilleure comparaison de latence touch de Pixel 3 [against the OnePlus](, mais pas pour 3 Pixel contre Note9.

## Test multi-tâches : ** ** victoire Samsung évidente en raison de plus de RAM, d’après les vidéos de test de vitesse. Un peu plus rapide app lancement sur Note9 vs Pixel 3 aussi bien.

## Études de performance subjective : ** Samsung wins.* * beaucoup plus de gens sont sont plaints de la performance à long terme sur le Pixel 3 que sur un des fleurons récents de Samsung. Rédacteurs en chef de [Android Police](, [Droid Life](, [The Verge]( , fondateur de APKMirror [Artem]( et [MKBHD]( tous se sont plaints de leurs interprétations ou exécutions Pixel lag. Pendant ce temps tous les long terme clients (Android Police, 9to5Google, AndroidCentral, Nick Ackerman, Hardware Canucks, Floss, Geekyranjit) de la Note9 ont dit performance a été formidable avec aucune dégradation.

## Verdict basé sur l’analyse qui précède, il semble Samsung a égalé sinon dépassé le Pixel en performance nombreux domaines. C’est impressionnant de savoir jusqu’où Samsung a parcouru un long chemin depuis ses vieux jours. J’espère que cela signifie que Google aura des performances plus sérieusement sur la route aussi bien.

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  1. I didn’t realise the Pixels had lag issues. Bad news if you consider that the lag free peformance is one of the many touted Pixel features.. and problems with the camera now too?

  2. So I’ve owned Galaxy S1,S3,S4,S5,S7E,Note8 and now S10+. For me the definite step up in terms of performance and lagfree experience was from S7E and forward. Both my S7E and my Note8 were very snappy and smooth right out of the box and stayed that way for the roughly 18 month I used them. That just didn’t happen with the earlier phones imo.

  3. Ok so basically the one android phone I considered as an iphone alt isn’t something i want anymore because even though there’s zero-day updates the updates make the phone worse

  4. You just made a lot of enemies on this sub, my friend. But nice to see we’re finally breaking out of the pixel circlejerk, this is a step in the right direction

  5. Oooo! This is the kind of juicy shit that I love to dissect, you won’t hear about this in YouTube videos lol 😛 I love it when people are as interested as I am in the nitty gritty of cell phones even though most of the population won’t care about this kind of stuff.

  6. Great analysis. I wish reviews actually took into account empirical data that highlights the user experience of android handsets. The tools are there, such as GPU profiling. But it’s almost never addressed. In saying that I’m shocked to see how much ground Samsung has made up. At this rate I might actually get my first Samsung soon.

  7. Im not sure about painting it as this idea of samsung has now overtaken google for making smooth and responsive phones.

    Alot of pixel 2s and 3s are running like complete garbage, worse than og pixels or other phones. It seems as if there are real software issues slowing the pixels down and either Google doesnt know how to fix it or doesnt care. Its more of a pixel bug than a Samsung victory for now making the smoothest phone.

  8. The writing has been on the wall for the past 1-2 years. The original Pixel XL was silky smooth, the Pixel 2 XL was very smooth but not perfect, but dear God did Google drop the ball with the Pixel 3 XL

    This notion that « Stock Android is better » is fucking bullshit, and only repeated by Nexus/pixel fanboys.

    Performance wise the smoothest and fastest Android Experience belongs to Oxygen OS from OnePlus phones. One UI from Samsung is good, but there are still hiccups here and there from my testing with a galaxy s10, in particular when using the app switcher.

    Google needs to get their shit together and focus on UI smoothness with the Pixel 4 and Android Q.

  9. Samsung phones are always smooth on launch. The true test will be in 6 months time. Hopefully One UI has more longevity than previous Samsung software.

  10. Meanwhile my S9 barely manages to render like 3 animation frames when showing the app switcher on Pie.

    This phone is great in a lot of things, but UI performance ain’t one of them. Especially on Pie.

  11. I’ve been a Samsung phone owner for years now (own a Note 9). And yes, I see that Samsung came out on top on OP’s assessment, but I still don’t know why people care so much about:

    1. YouTube performance « tests », specially the ones that have the YouTuber running some activities and/or games on multiple phones at the same time.

    2. Frame drops

  12. A buddy and I were out to dinner a couple nights ago and he hand me his note 8 to browse something, I couldn’t get over how much smoother it was over my pixel 3. I wish Samsung had better camera’s.

  13. A guy from the XDA Portal Team says his 3XL performs better when it comes to UI latency/smoothness than his S10 (Exynos version).

    >I’ve been using the Exynos S10 for a while now, and honestly I’m going to have to agree. The 3XL has just been the more responsive phone. Perhaps it’s because it’s the Exynos variant, but my S10 has been stuttering and dropping frames like crazy. Simply swiping in and out of the app draw on the home screen drops frames almost every single time. In terms of input latency, the S10 also does track slower than on the 3XL, and the 3XL has a much more pleasant/natural scroll friction in my opinion. The scroll friction is something that many enthusiasts (incl some casual users) that I know dislike about the Galaxy devices. – defet (XDA Portal Team)

    I see the OP of this topic is downplaying what the XDA guy is saying though. He probably made this post in response to the post I linked above. Lol

  14. how many terabytes of ram and nuclear cores do we need to reach smooth 60 fps? whats the point of new, expensive hardware if it cant even deliver smooth experience. You were comparing 700+- euro devices and my conclusion is that they both lag so basicly they are both shit…

  15. Why did you conclude that Samsung wins based on the touch latency clip? Did the slower window animation convince you or did you actually notice a snappier response?

    Edit: Even asking a simple question on here is worth a penalty of downvotes in this sub, incredible.

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