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  1. Interesting that the s10e (gsm score of 83) has better battery life than the s10 (79). S10+ got the highest of the three at 91. All tested with exynos version.

    S10e sd855 battery life should be even better since it’s a 7 nm process chip.

  2. I have had mine now for close to two weeks, and it’s a near perfect phone for me. I had nearly every HTC flagship going back to the HTC Droid Eris, and a few Galaxy phones along the way. Including the Galaxy S9, which I paid $400 for, and traded in for $550 when the S10e pre-order became available.

    It just does everything you could hope for, and does it really, really well. I’d rather have a phone that does all of the things I need really well than a phone that does one or two things the best, then just shits the bed in all the other categories (Pixel phones).

    Things it does really well:

    * Screen: bright, detailed, crisp, and 1080p looks fine to me

    * Size: I can actually use this one handed and it’s not too heavy

    * Audio: quadruple threat – really good sounding FFS, really good call volume, really good headphone jack, and really good BT quality

    * Camera: not Pixel great but not far off; works with GCam

    * Internals: cutting edge specs plus memory card support; solid battery

    * Design: looks great and is water/dust proof; really dig the flat screen

    Things it doesn’t do well:

    * Fingerprint reader placement is awkward, and I’ve been forced to use PIN instead several times because I couldn’t get it to read my thumbprint. Once I took it out of my pocket and it said I failed fingerprint authentication 5 times already (?).

  3. As someone coming from a OnePlus 3, I’m almost ready to pull the trigger on this once a sale comes up, but the lack of good fast charging really makes me hesitate. I’m so used to not charging my phone at night and just plugging it in while I get ready in the morning. It seems that with the S10e I will have to so if I forget it will be brutal

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