Samsung Galaxy S10 (Exynos) afficher Review : Samsung embrasse enfin C….

Samsung Galaxy S10 (Exynos) Display Review: Samsung Finally Embraces Color Accuracy, Becomes the Ambassador that Android Needs

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument voir les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les jokes chaque jours de manière confortable ?

Samsung Galaxy S10 (Exynos) affichage Review : Samsung enfin embrasse une précision des couleurs, devient l’ambassadeur que Android a besoin

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  1. The gamma in natural on the Exynos is actually quite broken. Furthermore the P3 measurements here aren’t in fully correct (only painting part of the picture); Samsung’s (Well, Google’s) CMS is broken as well. Everything else matches my data.

  2. What a garbage article. You’ve been able to choose a color accurate profile for years now. Who cares if that’s the default setting or not. Check out Display Mate for how this sort of testing should be done.

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