Samsung Galaxy S10 + examen : Haut, large & beau

Samsung Galaxy S10 + examen : Haut, large & beau

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Review: High, Wide & Handsome

Avant d’obtenir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de mater les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Samsung Galaxy S10 + examen : haut, large & beau

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  1. So battery in the S10 is apparently really good. That’s nice to know as there was a previous report saying it was worse than the S9. Not sure where that inconsistency came from.

  2. For the average consumer and most of us enthusiasts, this is probably the device with the least amount of compromises. It’ll just depend on if you can justify the price.

    I do have some nitpicks though. Custom theming is no longer possible without root (no Swift Installer or Substratum). Samsung is also closing in on shutting down Adhell3 through a change in their license keys. That could mean the loss of package disabling, host based ad blocking, DNS per app, greater permission control, and WiFi/Data control.

  3. First person I’ve heard who DOESN’T like OneUI!

    (Come to think of it I’m not sure what Fisher does actually like in terms of software? Is he a stock purist? I remember he hated EMUI too.)

  4. I’ve been iphone user my whole life except an HTC I owned in the early stages of Android (maybe froyo) for a couple of weeks.

    I cannot tell about my experience yet because I haven’t received the whole package yet and I am kind of waiting to the galaxy buds.

    However a lot of questions go around my head these days, most of them I have already searched but too much new information is somewhat overwhelming, therefore I’m gonna rely on lifetime samsung users’ advices and opinions.

    – Do you recommed to keep using apple music or is it better to switch to Spotify or GMusic? Does Apple Music have a widget or can be controlled through the watch?

    – Samsung cloud or GDrive? Which works better cross platform and is better integrated with apps?

    – Samsung pay or GPay? I feel this is like having two OS in the same device.

    – Launcher or native UI? I’d like to customize without losing functionality. Are those cool designs shown on social media really smooth and functional?

    – Bixby or Google assistant? I’d like to focus only on one. Same situation with bixby home and gnow, I want a good experiencie with relevant cards. Neither google or samsung ‘know me’ so no personal suggestions since the very first day.

    – What’s the equivalent of iCloud for pictures?

    – Is there a way of deleting the app list? I like ios way to display all of them and not just some and the rest in a ‘hidden’ menu.

    – Is the music library integrated with music streaming apps? I mean, some mp3’s I would download from my computer.

    – Airdrop equivalent?

    – Which keyboard can you recommend? I’d like one with the ‘original’ emojis and not android version.

    – third party Camera app or native app?

    – best browser? having so many options doesn’t make it easier!

    I’ll leave it for now, thanks to everyone!

  5. I’m very confused about the « 18 hour day » line. I’m currently at 17hr and 4 hr 50 min SOT on my Pixel 3 XL with 25% left, so I’m confused how the S10+ is getting any different battery life than what I’ve got since Pixel 1.

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