Samsung Galaxy bourgeons revue : revue de The Verge

Samsung Galaxy bourgeons revue : revue de The Verge

Samsung Galaxy Buds review: imperfectly acceptable – The Verge

Avant d’acquérir un smartphone pliable, il faut absolument analyse les différents appareils disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de lire les blagues chaque jours de manière gréable ?

Samsung Galaxy bourgeons imparfaitement acceptable – : imparfaitement acceptable – The Verge

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  1. I wonder if his issues are a Galaxy Bud specific issue or a bluetooth issue. My $350 Sony wireless headphones also get latency lag and drop outs when I’m in a crowded environment.

    No other reviewers complained of latency, and some iPhone users are even saying they experienced no latency with Galaxy Buds.

  2. Why did they have the need to make it look like a hearing aid? I’ll gladly take two hours less battery life for a small form factor that doesn’t look like I’m going deaf.

  3. I have a S8+, but I am really looking into buying the buds. At this moment, there are so much mixed things said about the buds, that I can’t relly decide.
    Is it worth the 130$ ?

  4. Got my buds today. Disappointed. Very disappointed. Super canny and no bass whatsoever.

    Normally I use a set of AKGs (On ear). Of course you cant expect a pair of buds to deliver the same sound, but these are not even close to 10% of that what the AKGs deliver. Huge disappointment. For me they are unusable.

    Maybe they work for audiobooks etc, but not for music.

  5. Man I wasnt overly happy when they ran out of stock and were only offering the gift certificate of equal value instead of the buds. Guess I lucked out, and will have to stick with the Jabra’s wireless buds I’m currently using for now.

  6. >that doesn’t help the Galaxy Buds keep up with video on an iPhone: there’s an ugly and pervasive lag. That lag is less apparent on the Google Pixel and entirely absent when watching anything on a Samsung device.

    Really disappointing. I was really looking forward to buying these.

    Unless you plan to own a Galaxy for the life of these, seems best to stay away.

    I’m hoping Bose comes out with a new version of it’s true wireless headphones.

  7. Review blindly praising the Korean leader? +9000 uovotes.

    Actual review that praises but mentions a serious flaw? 0 and 120 comments calling for a witchhunt against whoever insulted the Korean overlord, praised be their name.

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