25 réflexions au sujet de “Samsung Galaxy A50 examen : examen de Samsung meilleur milieu de gamme option”

  1. My friend’s A50 is unlocking automatically while in pocket? Anybody have this problem ? He did not set the face ID, he have only the fingerprint as security.

  2. Samsung this year has been 10/10 in their product line up. Not one of their phone’s is overpriced in Europe at least. The A40 for 250€ (4/64, AMOLED FHD, size of an iPhone XS, exynos 7885 which has less CPU power but much more GPU power than a SD632) is great. The A50 is also great and i can’t wait for the rest of the lineup to come (A10, A70?90?)

  3. The A5 was incompetent? How am I supposed to take this guy seriously when the only point he makes against the old mid range devices is that they look « straight out of 2015. The A5 is a great device still to this day.

  4. Samsung phones seem to crash a lot. And I have seen this in the past 3 phones I have had. Also I would prefer to have all the preinstalled 3rd party DailyHunt and Microsoft apps that has been thrust on me. For this very reason will not go for a Samsung phone

  5. Will the A40 be worse in terms of camera (dual vs. triple) and battery (3100 vs 4000mah, albeit with a small screen)? Or would you say both phones are more or less the same, apart from the size? Would love to get the more compact A40, but not if camera and battery are significantly worse.

  6. I feel like the m30 is probably better but the a50 doesn’t sound terrible. Really looking forward to the day when we have 7nm budget chips and phones with 5000mah batteries

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