23 réflexions au sujet de “Samsung confirme que le S10 Galaxy 5 date de sortie de G est le 5 avril”

  1. >industry watchers expect it to cost around 1.5 million won ($1,332) 

    Gonna be honest… I think if I was already considering a top spec S10+ I would probably pony up the extra here for the better camera and bigger battery even if I never planned on using the 5G modem.

  2. Can someone explain why we would be buying 5G devices already? 5G require line of sight right? And a phase shift antenna array tracking the device? So it makes absolutely no sense in a smartphone until we are basically surrounded by 5G antennas everywhere?

  3. I just got my S10+ case today…so I’m only gonna use it for 2 weeks? Wish I’d known.

    Edit: I get a free upgrade through my carrier. I hand back the s10+, get 5G for no charge and no strings attached

  4. I hope this isnt like the « Thunder Turd » (HTC Thunderbolt) I bought it when it first came out and was excited to have the first LTE phone in an LTE city till I saw how fast the battery was dying. 🙁 I was disabling the LTE just to get through the day.

  5. I had a chance to try it in Barcelona and apart from the 5G, the extra camera, the time of flight one, does an amazing job for getting some blurry background in video.

  6. Aren’t people worried about the increased radiation with 5G? Cellphone Towers today are usually pretty far off were most people live.

    Whilst 5g will require a much greater density, it will mean that we’ll have 5G mini cell towers muuuuch closer to were we live.

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