Rover pour Reddit (Concept)

Rover pour Reddit (Concept)

Rover for Reddit (Concept)

Avant d’acheter un smartphone pliable, il faut toujours analyse les différents modèles disponibles sur le marché. Lequel, permettra vraiment de regarder les actualité tous les jours de manière confortable ?

un certain temps il y a, j’étais assez fatigué avec toutes les applications de reddit là-bas, et feutre il y a une grande quantité de choses à améliorer sur la conception. J’ai malheureusement jamais achevé le concept complet, mais j’ai pensé que je poste ce que j’avais de toute façon. je me suis concentré sur trois idées fondamentales : 1. Seamless transitions vers et à partir de différents États 2. Maintien des actions importantes dans le milieu ou le bas de la page pour une meilleure facilité d’utilisation 3. À l’aide de gestes pour réaliser facilement des actions et navigation peut-être un jour je vais finir le concept et trouver quelqu’un pour le construire. J’ai demandé à un ami et ils ont dit qu’ils construiraient certainement il lorsque nous avions tous deux fois–mais hélas la vie est dans la manière. J’ai hâte de voir ce que vous pensez tous. Merci !

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  1. I don’t think there are currently ways to implement a fab like that

    I get the gesture thingy everyone likes but I like having my options like upvote/downvote/save etc be one tap away, that’s why I like sync

  2. Nice concept! Always love new takes on the Reddit interface. Especially for Android.

    I’m a UX Designer and some things that I’d clean up as far as experience goes/questions I’d ask if I were designing this are below:

    * For Android’s Floating Action Buttons (FAB – the buttom bar you have with actions), is this implementation technically possible within Google’s guidelines?
    * Why not separate out the two FABs? Keep them separate underneath as they’re serving two different functions. i.e. make the longer FAB a little shorter width wise so that there’s a slight space in between that and the create FAB
    * Will the user understand that there are gestures for things? What gestures lead to what actions on Reddit? Are the swipes achieving anything that just having the buttons there don’t?
    * Why is a card that’s being swiped on have a drop shadow? Will it always have a drop shadow after the swipe?

    I really do think this is clean, and with some polish I’d absolutely love to use something like this. Design is extremely iterative, so take any feedback you get from all the comments and run with them! Sometimes the smallest suggestions are the best.

    Also, if people start crapping on you, don’t forget that *you’re* the one who was awesome and creative enough to even attempt this. It’s easy to crap on somebody else’s work, but it’s hard as hell to do what you did and display your work to everyone. Hope this gets developed in the future!

    Edit: a word

  3. It looks great, however, I prefer much more information density.

    If this was to become a real app, I recommend having an option to display many more cards per screen.

  4. This looks hella sleek. I’ve build some Android apps (both native and React) and could lend you a hand on developing this whenever you make the transition from concept to actual mockups.

  5. Love that there’s no apparent change in what the current scene is. Almost like a cutless long take in a movie/show. What did you use to create this demo? Is it interactive?

  6. Not a fan. Too much wasted white space, but I admire the effort.

    I’m currently using Sync, but imo the best Reddit app I’ve ever used is definitely Apollo. Sadly it’s iOS only 🙁

  7. Looks great! Not loving the quick submit and quick reply thing in the bottom bar though, it’s not used *so* much that it should be the main button.

    What did you use to animate this?

  8. Very unpopular opinion but im not a fan. The style reminds me of ‘new’ reddit layout, while I much prefer the old one (hence why I use RIF), also that floating blue bar remind me of reddit nagging you to download their app if you ever visit their mobile site.

    It looks nice though, but personally I see it as form over function.

  9. Very nice. This sort of simplicity is what I’m looking for in Reddit client (currently using Boost). The bottom bar is great, though it doesn’t really solve the problem is search being out of reach towards the top of the screen. Perhaps it could be switched around with the Search field on the bottom?

    One more thing I would personally do differently, is the comment level distinction. I find these coloured block really ugly and distracting and not *that much* better over the simple lines that Boost uses.

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