7 réflexions au sujet de “Romaric tue silencieusement la série Mi A1 ?”

  1. Not really, I think they just don’t have these many engineers and qa to make proper roms for all devices they release. Because mi A1 had issues with updates, mi A2 had some and wasn’t a super impressive device besides camera and perfomance, mi A2 lite is nice, even a little unique in its size and cheap, but also has Bluetooth problems after pie.

  2. Planned obscelence is a thing unfortunately, however I tipically find that xiaomi devices last way longer than other oem’s. I had a bunch of them, but after searching a bit it seems the MI A2 is the new MI 5S, a very problematic phone, fortunately that device was the only xiaomi I had that didn’t last.

    All and all, I don’t think the problem is planned obscelence but rather a problematic badly designed phone and I say this because I’ve been hearing reports on r/Xiaomi of how bad it is ever since it was launched.

  3. I knew that they were going to update their miui phones much longer. They’ve always updated miui for super old phones even today.
    It just makes more sense to put time and effort that way. MIUI is Xiaomis baby. Their business model wouldn’t work without it

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